Better CoLiving – reinventing IKEA for Gen Z


An ecosystem of services and products to support people living together

EGGS are working with IKEA, to develop the BetterColiving concept – an ecosystem of services and products to support people living together. IKEA aims to create life-long relationships with younger generations – offering services and products for sustainable, smart, and connected living.

IKEA has always been an obvious choice for previous generations when starting their first family home or apartment. Compared to previous generations, Gen-Z have other habits, and they 'grow up' later than their parents did. Because of this, IKEA has an opportunity of offering value in new ways, providing Gen-Z with what they need also before establishing their home.

“We, as an industry, have an opportunity to support people on their journey towards a sustainable life. We can use our knowledge to do that and to develop our business along the way.”
Siri Engelschøn, Innovation and Co-creation Manager at IKEA

Listening to the future generation

To better understand their younger – and future - customers and to be able to design services that are relevant to them, we’re working together with IKEA in a corporate startup format to gather insight from the Gen Zers. By talking to this group, gathering insight, and working in a co-creative manner, IKEA is now working to reinvent themselves. The result is innovation for smart and sustainable solutions that are relevant to Gen Zers but also have the potential to grow into services and products that are relevant to IKEA's customers in general.

Together, IKEA and EGGS are creating an ecosystem of services and products to support young people living together, and the app SVEN, which facilitates life in a collective household, is part of it. We’re gathering insight from and co-creating with Gen Z users to figure out how IKEA can serve them and offer them what they need to make their lives and their living better.
“I had an aha-moment in the project working with EGGS when we in the process managed to "free" ourselves from what we thought we already knew about our customers."
Siri Engelschøn, Innovation and Co-creation Manager at IKEA

Becoming an enabler of healthy and sustainable living

An essential part of the consumer market adapting to more sustainable operations is the shift from linear to circular value streams. Going from physical to digital products and services is part of the solution. The BetterColiving project does precisely this and can facilitate and improve the experience of living in a way that has less environmental impact. It also opens up the doors for IKEA to explore further innovation of services and digital products. Together, we're working on challenging the idea of what a home is and what role IKEA can play in helping people create one. Living comes in many forms, and health and well-being are essential to it. IKEA has the potential to be an enabler of healthy and sustainable living for people.

“We believe that a better home creates a better life. And that goes beyond the four walls of a house. A part of our transition journey will be to challenge the idea of what a home is and what it's made up of. It's not only the furniture. Perhaps that's the smaller part.”
Siri Engelschøn, Innovation and Co-creation Manager at IKEA

Improving the social experience of co-living

Together with IKEA Global, using Norway as a pilot market, we are exploring the concept of BetterColiving ( In this concept, IKEA identifies and creates services and digital products to help people improve the experience of living with others. The first product, which we are currently testing, is the app SVEN. The app has a unique collection of features designed to help you with communication, tasks, finances, and house rules.

Sounds interesting?

Lena Sendstad

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