We strive to make the world’s best creative nest.


In EGGS you'll be given tasks and challenges so that you can work towards fulfilling your potential. You'll enjoy freedom and space to develop your skills. You'll experience a balance between structure and creativity, technology, design and business.

In EGGS you'll be a part of a culture where everyone together strives to cultivate the best workplace for creative minds, in an environment that is open to everyone. Your colleagues take their client's needs, design and innovation very seriously, but they don't take themselves that seriously, resulting in a passionate, playful and caring culture.

Are you our new colleague?

Open applications

We are always on the look-out for talented designers and developers, and especially experienced seniors. Please consider the current vacant positions here on our site to see if any of these match your skills, motivation, and aspirations. We strongly advise you to apply for a specific role.

Oslo, Stavanger, São Paulo, Trondheim, Copenhagen

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Chef part-time

Do you get a kick from watching people enjoy your food and spend your free time reading cookbooks, thinking about all the exciting things you can make? Do you, like us, believe that what kind of fuel you put into your body makes a huge difference for the creative output?


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Are you our Senior/Lead Service Designer?

EGGS Design is the newest player in the Brazilian design- and innovation stage. Do you have what it takes to be part of the next chapter of our successful international creative consultancy? If so, connect with us immediately!

São Paulo

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