We strive to be the best workplace for creatives

Come on over, join the nest!

In EGGS, you will be a part of a consultancy where you will enjoy freedom, space and responsibility to develop your skills. Your leader will give you challenges that will help you fulfil your potential. You’ll be with colleagues that take our client's needs, design, and innovation very seriously. But where we don't take ourselves that seriously – we cherish a passionate, playful, and caring culture.

Work culture

Working with us, you'll be a part of a culture where everyone strives to cultivate the best workplace for creative minds in an environment that is open to everyone. We always aim to keep a balance between structure and creativity, technology, design, and business.

Diversity and Inclusion

What matters to us is your values and your contributions, both in the form of experiences and skills. We strive to be an open and inclusive workplace that places a high value on equality and that avoids hierarchies where possible. You belong here if, like us, you believe that a wide range of voices and experiences are critical to success.

Since a wide range of perspectives is needed in design, we want our teams to be diverse in terms of both gender, culture, and experiences. We welcome applicants from all parts of the world regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnicity, race, or disability.

20 new positions in 2021

EGGS is currently well over 100 creatives and we continue to grow. We now have over 20 new positions for designers and technologists across our five offices. The current vacancies all have an application deadline of April 25, 2021. In addition, we handle open applications on an ongoing basis. Welcome to the EGGS "nest"!

Are you our new colleague?

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