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Designing for connected maritime safety

ScanReach, the Norwegian maritime IoT company with their HQ in Bergen, is developing revolutionary technology for wireless connectivity in steel environments. EGGS is ScanReach's strategic innovation and hands-on design partner, ensuring excellent user experience and customer value of their new products and services. ScanReach's technology is a powerful enabler for maritime digitalization and new onboard IoT solutions for increased safety, performance, and sustainability.

ConnectPOB works by wirelessly connecting crew members on the ship to sensors that send information about their localization to a central unit. The information is presented on the dashboard on the ship's bridge for an instant personnel overview during training and emergencies. It can, in the case of an emergency, help save lives.

ScanReach has spent five years developing and getting the unique, wireless IoT platform approved and ready for the market. On top of this platform, they have developed the world’s first wireless connected safety solution - ScanReach ConnectPOB (Personnel On Board) - introducing a new era for maritime safety.

ConnectPOB lets all personnel be quickly located and accounted for during training or in an emergency, leading to a safer and more efficient ship. Its launch marks the first commercial step for ScanReach towards making the maritime industry safer, greener, and smarter.

Converting technology into customer value

Being heavy on steel, the ocean industry has been stuck with expensive cabling and limited onboard connectivity. Most parts of the ship have been left in digital darkness; without the robust wireless coverage, we take for granted elsewhere.

The technology enables wireless connectivity to people, assets, cargo, and environmental sensors onboard - with no cables involved and delivered as a “plug-and-play” solution that can be installed by crew members during normal vessel operations.Wireless connectivity is a true enabler for a digital-ready ship, and anessential competitive advantage, as personnel, are raising their demands on an efficient yet secure working environment.

The digital interfaces are carefully designed with the users' goals and operational context in mind, ensuring quick and intuitive access to crucial information and immediate situation awareness - even in the most stressful situations.
We selected EGGS to help us solve various strategic design challenges leading to world-class UX and an optimized customer journey. EGGS has a clear dedication to the ocean industries, deep industry insight, and the experience needed.
Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer, ScanReach

Design for safety to build technology trust

Investing in a new safety solution requires a great deal of trust. To help ScanReach we used our maritime design experience, focusing on design for safety, situation awareness, and performance; while giving the interfaces a consistent and professional look in line with ScanReach’s brand and identity – a consistent user experience helps build the required trust.

ScanReach’s trial program, involving ships with the technology up and running, provided valuable, real-life insights in the process. It helped us prioritize what functionality should go into the solution and how. We worked closely with ScanReach technology and market expertise, contributing with digital design (UX/UI), front-end development as well as service design for the customer journey.

From pilot to commercialization

An excellent product or service is rarely by itself enough to succeed in the market. To help ScanReach communicate their offering to clients, we have together worked with business and brand strategies to commercialize the product, binging it from pilot to commercially ready product. Moreover, we have worked on the services and visual identity, including everything from user manuals to video- and marketing materials.

To help operationalize the visual identity, ensuring effective, consistent communication with ScanReach brand quality, we created a Visual Toolbox and guidelines for practical use.
Applying this technology will be a key driver for digitalization and optimization of the global maritime industry while creating enormous opportunities for value creation in the Norwegian maritime industry.
John Roger Nesje, ScanReach CEO

Granted 18.5 million NOK for five innovation projects

ScanReach’s transformative technology opens up for nearly endless innovation opportunities for the maritime sector, and we are working closely together as a strategic innovation partner on future projects. EGGS has assisted ScanReach in being granted 18.5 million NOK by Innovation Norway for a whole five innovation projects. The five pilot projects will cover enhanced personnel protection for the offshore wind industry, retrofitting ships for real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, a retrofit solution for environmental monitoring of hazardous areas and rooms onboard vessels, wireless sensor solutions for automatic Man Over Board (MOB), and fall detection, and enhanced personnel protection for the oil and gas industry.

The competition in the maritime industry is increasing, and shipowners are continuously searching for new ways of optimizing performance and reducing cost and, at the same time, comply with stricter regulations within sustainability and safety. Bringing the whole ship into this digital ecosystem enables new ways of facing the challenges.

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