A stress-free home security experience

Sector Alarm

Designing for a simple and safe user experience

Sector Alarm is one of Europe’s top providers of home security and EGGS has been their design partner over several years. In our latest update of the product suite, we have designed a stress-free, intuitive user experience that builds on the existing product identity. The product suite was awarded with the Red Dot for Product Design in 2022.

In this case, we have built on the existing product suite. You can read more about our work on that here.

Designing for reduced stress and increased safety

Using the existing product identity, which already enhances the feeling of security and safety, we have focused on simplifying and improving the user experience. An essential part in this is to ensure minimized stress and an intuitive and easy interface for the user, and we did that by simplifying symbols and using lights and sounds to guide the user.

The cohesive visual identity across both the physical and digital products mirror Sector Alarm’s focus on creating a feeling of safety for the user. The product suite uses lights, sounds and shapes to communicate status and control options, which minimized experienced stress in an arming or disarming situation. As an example, to avoid accidental arming, the arming function in the app uses a slider instead of buttons, and the keypad requires a ‘long press’.

Building on a successful concept

Sector Alarm renews the functionality of their product suite continuously, focusing on providing a holistic and pleasant experience to the user. In this project, we have built on the existing product suite, and our previous work, which you can read more about our work on that here. Building on a successful and established product identity, we focused on simplifying and enhancing what was already working.

By removing redundant details or simplifying symbols and interactions, we can guide the user and make the experience more intuitive and straight-forward.

Testing an analogue product in a digital world

As the project ran during the Covid-19 pandemic, this added an extra layer of challenges when it came to user-testing. We had to test the products, which are largely analogue, online. Through the making of a digital prototype that mimics the products and using them in online testings with users from different countries,we gathered useful insights that we translated into the interaction design.


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