Let's craft lovable futures

EGGS Design is a Scandinavian leader in design-driven innovation, helping clients craft new products, services and business transformations. We work holistically to ensure that human insights play well together with technology, brand and business. EGGS is a part of Sopra Steria, a leading consultancy in digitalisation. Together, we are a holistic and strategic change partner for the companies of the future.

Our domains of expertise

Our competences

We create innovations, applications, experiences, products and services that provide added value and establish organisational efficiency. Focusing on people and stakeholders, we deliver business tools that foster innovation and new business opportunities. We'll help you work smart, stay ahead of the curve and be more future-proof. By collaborating with us, you'll adopt a whole new user-centred mindset.

Collaboration tailored to suit your needs

We customise each project to suit your needs and objectives specifically and always focus on the users. We combine our design, technology and innovation expertise with your business know-how ensuring that we deliver the best solutions for people, business and society. By collaborating with us, we’ll help you develop user-friendly innovations.

  • Conception

    We involve you right from the start. Expert facilitation is required to understand the context and challenges that often need addressing, so that the project is headed in the right direction straight away. Well begun is halfway done.

  • Insight

    We gain as much insight as we can into an industry and its users and stakeholders to find out where we can make the most impact and create value. We prefer to ask the right questions before looking for answers.

  • Creation

    We explore a wide range of options and start testing them early to ensure relevance and viability in the market. A great idea is dependent on brilliant execution.

  • Realisation

    Our solutions are relevant and attractive. They create value for both businesses and consumers. EGGS brings life to ideas!

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