Life in EGGS

What we love about working in EGGS?

Working in EGGS is all about being together. Be it the clients we innovate with, the people we collaborate with, our daily warm lunches or our annual trips. We believe that transparency and openness are essential for a workplace where we can all feel safe. We help each other, we collaborate, and we've got each other's backs.

When we asked what people love the most about working in EGGS, these are the answers we got:

  1. The people!

  2. The culture!

  3. The projects!

How we nurture our innovation culture

Our vision is to create the world's best workplace for creative people. It is all about nurturing our innovation culture. Together we strive to ensure a culture where we can be the best version of ourselves. It's a culture built on trust, compassion, and autonomy. We include you in our teams for what you are, not what we want you to be. And we love it when colleagues boost our collective learning with their unique perspectives and experiences.

Some frequently asked questions and answers

Stories about EGGS

We've compiled some articles we think you might like to read to learn more about working in EGGS. They cover topics within culture and leadership and give you an idea of how we look at these topics in EGGS. We've also added a couple of pieces from colleagues that have newly started in EGGS. We think you might like to learn about their experiences!

We are always hiring

We're always eager for new creative people to join us, be it experienced business strategists and innovators, digital transformers, service innovators, or hands-on, crafty designers and developers. Could EGGS be something for you? And you something for EGGS? Then we'd love to hear from you! Check out our vacancies or send us an open application. We're always hiring.

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