Training the trainer for a great passenger experience

Kolumbus AS

A comprehensive program for public transport operators

Since 2018, our client Kolumbus, which administrates public transport services in Rogaland, has been on a journey to strengthen culture via better employee cooperation and training for their operators. The goal: to ensure a positive passenger experience. EGGS has been assisting them on this journey from the start, and in our latest delivery, we have created a comprehensive train-the-trainer program.

Building on what we learnt over the past four years

Kolumbus works with several operators to deliver mobility services in all of Rogaland. In Stavanger, the operator is Norges Bus. We discovered early on in the project that it was essential to build a common culture and common goals to deliver a positive experience to the passengers. In addition, as many of the bus drivers are foreign nationals, they needed training to feel confident in how best to handle conflicts or other challenging situations on their buses.

Training the trainer gives independence and flexibility

After successful culture-building boot camps and roleplay-based training to strengthen drivers’ confidence in interacting with passengers, we are now delivering a ‘train-the-trainer’ package. The package consists of:

  • Extensive facilitation training of several representatives from Kolumbus

  • Visual material and videos that replace the roleplay section of the training.

EGGS, together with actors from Kulturkompaniet, and video producer Marcus Nordin, have transformed the roleplay exercises with ready-to-use video material that helps the drivers practice challenging situations they may experience in their work.

The material, including this training video, together with extensive training in how to use it, enables Kolumbus to train drivers anywhere, anytime, without being dependent on external facilitators. This gives more flexibility and independence to both Kolumbus and the operators.

Empowered drivers create a positive spill-over effect

With the help of the training, the drivers can practice and prepare for how to best handle complicated situations they might experience. They practice everything from facial expressions and body language to conflict solving and de-escalation techniques. By making the drivers feel more confident and empowered as service providers, we create a positive spill-over effect on the passenger experience.

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