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A new standard in cloud-based simulation education

The new K-sim ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) provides maritime students with access to a complete training package in the cloud. We focused on defining and supporting the development of this new industry-leading product with a new look and feel and a brand-new user experience. The solution accommodates all necessary and required functionality for students operating electronic charts, route planning and navigation and has recently become the first cloud-based training solution to gain the new DNV class D certification.

We have worked with Kongsberg to create a cloud-based simulator that includes ready-made simulation exercises, seamless school integrations and full flexible control of the simulation environment. In this video you can learn more about the project and process behind.

Comfortable in complexity

The complexity of the application coupled with high ambitions required us to fully understand both user and stakeholder needs in depth. Students and instructors from around the world would be interacting with this application in a variety of ways, in various contexts and on a variety of devices. To deliver the best experience possible, we broke the product into two applications. One which focuses on route planning and validation, and another that provide all users with full access to the whole suite of functionality. On top of the existing regulations and functionality, we also had to consider how this application would include multiple other layers of functionality from ‘Panorama’, the framework application that it lives within.

To create the best experience for users and reduce pressure on the servers, the application was split in two. One application allows students to plan and validate routes without running the simulation in the cloud, while the other gives users access to all the functionality of a modern ECDIS system.

Position in a broader ecosystem

Both applications fit within the broad portfolio of new k-sim applications available in the K-Sim Connect eco-system. Close collaboration and communication with the Kongsberg team allowed us to design and develop a full suite of functional applications and instruments with a consistent user experience and visual language.


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