Meet some of the designers and developers from EGGS that collaborated with the Blueye team on creating the drone. The creation of the drone has happened in close-knit teams with specialist engineers, designers and developers at Blueye.

Digital diving mask

Beginning in 2015, EGGS was approached by Blueye to help with the industrial design of a new kind of product it was developing - a robust and portable ocean drone intended for both consumers and maritime experts. Evolving into PioneerOne, it serves as a digital diving mask, allowing anyone to freely explore the oceans hidden depths on either their smartphone or tablet via a fully functional user interface. People can then share high-quality videos of their underwater adventures online. For professional use, people can store data for documentation, mapping, or monitoring.

Several Pioneer drones were manufactured for testing and further refinement. Amongst the organisations who have tried them out are Bellona, DNV-GL, and researchers in Svalbard.

Creating a new business model

EGGS' CEO, Ulla Sommerfelt, is on the board of directors at Blueye, giving us a unique stronghold in the company. This enables EGGS to more effectively communicate why all aspects of design play such a crucial role in the overall shaping of a company like Blueye. EGGS now has the power to ensure that design thinking is always prioritised at the top level, from the aesthetics and functionality of the drone to the visual elements of the app and other digital platforms. Also how everything is developed, managed, marketed and then perceived by the public.

Soon after the success of the initial prototype, EGGS was invited to join Blueye's board of directors and management team. This was a first for us - an exciting opportunity to create a new business model for entrepreneurship.

Expanding horizons abroad

The goal for 2017 is to initially sell drones in Norway before the company expands its horizons abroad. Blueye truly cares about the ocean and is determined to help as many people as possible become more aware of its beauty, alongside the dangers it faces. With its drive to dive where no other drones have roamed before, it looks as though Blueye is on course to cause great ripples of excitement for all those intrigued by what lies beneath the surface of the sea!

We want to make the beauty of our oceans and the dangers they face, visible for everyone, everywhere.
Having already started to take pre-orders, Blueye intends to officially launch PioneerTwo this coming spring.

Read more about Blueye on their website.