Sustainable energy optimisation for a better future

Port of Esbjerg, Denmark

Establishing a collaborative ecosystem

The port of Esbjerg has the ambition to be a frontrunner for maritime sustainability. To reach the Danish climate goal of a 70% CO2 reduction by the year 2030, they need to innovate together with the more than 200 companies present at the port. In close collaboration with Honeywell, EGGS facilitated the first steps toward this large-scale collaboration and innovation between the port and the many different companies and industries.

Designing a shared vision and methodology for collaboration

To successfully implement shore power and an Energy Management System (EMS), based on Honeywell technology, the port depends on new collaboration between the port and the companies and between the companies themselves. Through a series of workshops with representatives from the different companies and industries, we were able to frame a constructive dialogue and gain insight into the different needs, experiences with cross-industry collaboration, and existing green initiatives. This allowed us to create a roadmap for the implementation process, which details the steps the port and companies need to take in order to achieve the shared vision.

We together created a roadmap for the implementation process, which details the steps the port and companies need to take to achieve the shared vision of a more sustainable port.

Oil & Gas wishes to drive the green transition

As with all major transformation projects, it requires financial investment, understanding of the different needs and constraints, and the support of the stakeholders involved. During the workshops, it became clear that the Oil & Gas industry are ready to actively lead and support the sustainable transition and implementation of new green technology in Port Esbjerg.

Signing the carbon pledge is the next step

Understanding the role that the port is playing in achieving the Danish climate goal and to align all the different companies towards the same vision of a sustainable future, Port Esbjerg is now working on getting all the 200 companies at the port to sign a climate pledge. With that established, Port Esbjerg will be ready to start the sustainable transformation process and lead the way in maritime sustainability. We’re eager to see this happen and ready to continue the innovation journey!

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