Air transport proofed


Sturdy stroller bag for air travel

When her son’s stroller had to be discarded due to rough handling during air travel Anne Morkmo got her business idea for a robust and universal stroller bag. Only in Norway, about 10,000 strollers were damaged annually and Scandinavian Airlines alone spent 7mNOK on compensations (2007). With no such products available in the market Anne recognized the commercial opportunity for Prampack. Prampack har since been bought by Stokke.

Insight from luggage handlers

EGGS Design got involved at an early stage of the design process. We visualised the concept so that the entrepreneur Anne Morkmo could present it for critical stakeholders such as Norwegian Air Shuttle, luggage handlers, children’s equipment stores and parents. Based on comprehensive research, we gained user-insight and criteria were set for the ideal sturdy stroller bag.

Hard luggage criteria

We succeeded to fulfil the airliners criteria for hard luggage, the only luggage type where travellers would be reimbursed for damages, while still having a bag that could be rolled up when not in use. Luggage handlers required a bag without loose straps and handles and wheels for ergonomically correct lifting and transport.

Gender-neutral and appealing design

A gender-neutral and user-friendly bag in an attractive design pleases the parents, the primary users of the pack. It was crucial to ensure store staffs motivation and belief in the product to ensure successful distribution and sales. Also, EGGS Design contributed to our knowledge of materials and fabrics, ensuring that the criteria for robustness and durability were met.

Instant commercial success

PramPack was an immediate commercial success reaching a fantastic distribution in over 500 stores in the Nordic countries within two years on the market. After only two years, at the end of 2010, Prampack was acquired by Stokke, a leading manufacturer of children’s accessories, strollers and furniture


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