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Tech and design-driven innovation are fuelling the future of a new sharing economy. Loadsmart is a US tech company that enables shippers to transport their freight fast and keep carriers’ trucks full, thereby reducing empty miles and CO2 emissions. Like Uber and Airbnb, it connects service providers with users, to the benefit of both. EGGS has been Loadsmart’s design collaborator since the start, contributing with branding, service design and UX design.

Major benefits for the environment

By optimising the use of trucks, Loadsmart helps reduce empty miles, resulting in less wasted fuel and carbon emissions. Each year, it contributes to a reduction of 700 000 tons of CO2. Less fuel consumption and fewer empty miles also give Loadsmart the business advantage of lower shipping costs. It’s a leading example of a company that succeeds in creating a positive triple bottom line. That being financial, environmental and societal.

Big data harvesting

Loadsmart offers shippers a simple online service that lets them move their freight fast and efficiently. It gives instant price quotes and allows for quick booking and live tracking from pick-up to delivery throughout the US. By harvesting big data and using machine-learning, Loadsmart can source the best carrier at the best price.

Thanks to satellite data, shippers can accurately track their freight with 100% transparency from start to finish. Big data helps manage all transportation routes and provides a detailed picture of every truck along the way, including its ETA.

Giving users what they need

EGGS helped Loadsmart develop the service by applying service design methods; creating a solution that meets all users’ needs throughout the value chain. Via research, testing and machine learning, we designed an application that enabled shippers to receive instant price quotes. Whereas previously the average waiting time to secure a deal was five hours, we helped slash it to just 18 minutes. In other words, 17 times faster. The fact that Loadsmart can give a precise price quote straight away and provide full visibility of a shipment's progress is the main reason for its success.

As soon as a shipper has booked a truck, Loadsmart finds and confirms the trucker through its carrier network. The truckers can receive live jobs based on their preferences and current location. Loadsmart also offers free fleet management tools for all carriers, ensuring their trucks are never without freight while on route to somewhere. What’s more, carriers can now receive payment in just two days, rather than having to wait for up to 30 days. That’s a time reduction of 93%!

With Loadsmart, shipping deals are secured 17 times faster, and carriers receive payment with 93% less waiting time!

Design has been one of Loadsmart's three core components since day one, along with engineering and business.
Ricardo Salgado, CEO, Loadsmart

Loadsmart’s website is user-friendly and to the point. Shippers wishing to transport freight only need to punch in their pick-up and delivery address, and then choose a truck type, before automatically receiving a price quote and immediately booking.

Continuous collaboration

EGGS has been involved in the project since Loadsmart was first established in New York in 2014, working as part of a close-knit team and contributing to all branding, graphic design, service design, interface design and UX design. That includes the design of Loadsmart's website and the app which tracks the truckers, many of whom are only just learning how to use a smartphone, having been used to using a two-way radio. Because of this, it was important that the UX design was both intuitive and universally appealing. EGGS continues to help the Loadsmart brand, developing bold graphic design and visuals.

EGGS has helped create and continues to develop the Loadsmart brand, from logo and colour schemes to brand identity, brand book and application.

DOGA award for design

In 2017, Loadsmart and EGGS were awarded a DOGA award for the interaction design and the visual communication of Loadsmart’s automated freight brokerage. The jury was particularly impressed by there being fewer empty trucks and the positive effect that has on the environment.

This is an excellent example of how good interaction design can renew and streamline previously inefficient processes and act as a positive force for change.
DOGA Awards’ jury


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