Circle K customer app

Based on the Circle K design manual EGGS has rebranded and developed Circle K’s popular app for Android and IOS aimed at the general public as well as transport professionals. The brand for the European market has been given a clear and concise Nordic approach in line with the Circle K tag line.

Take it easy and make it simple.
Circle K tag line

With practical functions such as a store finder for the users’ specific needs, easy drivers log and the loyalty program, the Circle K app provides all customers with a tailored experience. For example, if you are a truck driver and need a shower, the Circle K app will give you an overview of services making your journey so much more comfortable.

In May 2016 Circle K started the process of converting over 2000 petrol stations in Europe from the Statoil Fuel and Retail branding to Circle K. Here from the launch party in Oslo on May 10, 2016.

Watch this space – more to come

EGGS continues to work with Circle K on their service innovation and further strengthening their customer focus. One key service that Circle K and EGGS is working on, is to enhance the extensive car wash program improving on experience and ease of use. In addition, we are further enriching Extra Club, the Circle K loyalty program, offering members relevant services.

Background – From Statoil Fuel and Retail to Circle K

The Canadian company Couche-Tarde bought Statoil Fuel & Retail with over 2200 petrol stations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in 2012. Throughout 2016 all the previous Statoil petrol stations in the 8 European countries will be rebranded to Circle K. In Norway the transition of the 330 stations started in May 2016.