Safer long-term memory for nations


Reliable migration-free data storage

Secure storage and easy access to data are critical for many businesses and invaluable to nations and organizations due to the responsibility of preserving valuable information for future generations. piqlReader solves this in a simple, affordable, sustainable and almost nostalgic way with their migration-free digital film technology.

Piql won the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture together with EGGS Design and Tronrud Engineering in January 2020.

Securing data by printing on film

Piql’s technology consists of printing data onto film, a storage medium from which data cannot be hacked or deleted, and most importantly data is kept offline to prevent any form of cyberattack. This is an affordable and effective long-term solution for storing valuable data.

The new piqlReader is a sophisticated and intuitive re-design of the original piqlReader. Here it is shown open, from the front, exposing the film path.

Design goals for better usability, cost and sustainability

The goal of the new version was to create a product that is better adapted to the market - just as safe, but cheaper and with better usability. It was key that the new piqlReader easily accustomed to different working environments, with a reduced footprint and less space required around the product. The previous model of piqlReader was a costly and complicated machine of which there are only three in the world and that had to be handled by professionals.

In use the PiqlReader is closed, fits on a desk or a portable table and is the size of a large screen.

Easy access and easy operation for users was important, as well as easy access to all parts of the product for maintenance personnel. Last but not least Piql wanted a machine with visual aesthetics that attracted attention and excitement amongst users and customers.

Intuitive for the different types of end users and easy access to all components for maintenance personnel has been key design criteria for this innovation.

Intuitive machine attracts attention

New piqlReader has so far been produced in ten copies and is on tour with test customers all over the world. The product has been very well received and over 80 potential customers have already expressed their interest.

PIQL reader is resilient long-term storage technology for safe, offline storage of data. Data is printed and stored on film.

Arctic World Archive in demilitarised zone of Svalbard

PIQl has printed the data stored in the Artic World Archive, an impressive collection of valuable digital data from around the world, such as manuscripts from the Vatican Library, political histories, masterpieces from different eras (including Rembrandt and Munch), scientific breakthroughs and contemporary cultural treasures.

The data is stored deep inside an arctic mountain on the Svalbard Archipelago. Svalbard is a declared demilitarised zone by 42 nations. The safety, security and remoteness makes it a perfect choice for an archive of valuable information. Further, the cool dry permafrost conditions increase the longevity of the stored data. Source: Arctic World Archive


Tronrud Engineering has been key in the engineering aspects of this product.


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