Revitalising an iconic product


Product strategy, trend analysis and industrial design for Stokke Xplory® X

Stokke® Xplory® X has been a fashion icon in its segment and the "It-stroller" for over a decade, embraced by conscious parents and celebrities around the world. The project's main aim was to improve Xplory as a fashion accessory by redesigning the most eye-catching feature on the Xplory stroller - the seat. We have helped Stokke future-proof their iconic design through insights processing, product strategy, and trends analysis.

Personification of the strategic direction

The Xplory stroller has been a premium product with a revolutionary, ergonomic, and head-turning design since the early 2000s. It was essential that we kept the high quality and aesthetically pleasing yet functional design when redesigning it. To ensure that the stroller will be top of the line in its category today and in the future, we initially personified the product's strategic direction. We helped define personas (fictional characters that help you understand your users' needs, goals, and behaviours) based on insights.

This enabled Stokke to align their design team and organisation around the direction for Xplory X. Stokke now uses the personas for further development of the Xplory brand.

Stokke Xplory® X is a premium product, where details and CMF (colours, materials, and finishing) are essential to create a look and feel that reflects the quality of the product. In this project, we have worked together with the client to ensure high quality and an aesthetically pleasing redesign that is aligned with future designs, materials, and colour trends.

In the redesign of the seat, we increased the coverage of the seat structure with an enveloping textile design. This gives the seat a softer look and increased "boldness" with more exposed color. We have also redesigned the canopy and enhanced the clean, tailored aesthetics. We identified the harness with Stokke typography for strengthened branding and new harness protectors for comfort.

Premium textile and colours to fit the future

Premium textile and canopy design has been one of the trademarks of the Xplory stroller. We worked together with Stokke to define and choose a new "high definition" textile - a more technical fabric with a finer weave to enhance the refined form and color reproduction. We put together a range of colors, materials, and finishes for the Xplory X and explored potential future designs.

In the work with CMF (Colours, Materials, Finishing), we made sure to balance the color scheme to fit the Xplory market with clear statement colors. We also ensured that they were aligned with the trend forecasts.
Creating a product that communicates the quality of a premium brand requires significant research, not only on the materials and finishes but also on their combinations. A product such as a stroller is built of both hard (plastics and metal) and soft parts (textiles). It's essential that these go well together and create a holistic design.


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