Remote cargo tank inspection


Digital tech that saves lives, time, and money

Framo is a world-leading, Bergen-based company that sets the standard for cargo pumping systems in the maritime sector. In our most recent innovation project together, we helped them design the new InTank Eye product and application – a revolutionary camera for remote cargo tank inspection.

Small in size, big in impact

Framo’s new product, the InTank Eye, a digitally controlled camera for remote inspection of cargo tanks in ships, is the first 1-inch camera certified for zone 0 (An area with an explosive atmosphere that is present continuously or for long periods). It’s revolutionary not only in size but also in the way it is used - inserted into the cargo tanks through the Framo pumps without any prior modification or installation work required. The camera enables operators to take pictures and video inside the tanks to ensure they are in the right conditions to receive new cargo without manual inspection.

The camera is the first of its size in the world to be certified for zone 0 ROB Remote Verification (ROB = Remaining on Board – term to describe liquid remaining in cargo tanks after discharge). Zone 0 on ships includes tanks, which are classified as explosive environments.

Saving lives, time, and money

Normally, the tank inspection would be done manually by sending a person down in the tank. This requires that the tank is depressurized, purged, and ventilated before sending a person or team down. This procedure is costly, time-consuming, and, above all, very dangerous. Every year people lose their lives performing the task due to oxygen deficiency or exposure to toxic substances. With the new remote technology, this can be avoided, and, as a bonus, shipping companies save time and money by dispensing the process to make the tanks safe for entry.

For a person to enter the tank, it needs to be depressurized, purged, and ventilated for safety. This process is lengthy and costly and, in addition, consumes fuel. By inspecting with a remote-controlled camera, the risky process of a person entering the tank becomes redundant, saving numerous lives around the world every year.

"EGGS have guided for the entire journey, and you've done it without taking up more of our time than necessary. You dare to turn down our suggestions when you know they will impair the design quality and usability."
Dino Milak, Area Manager, Framo

A smooth and holistic operator experience

The project has been cross-disciplinary, including digital, industrial and brand design, and tech. The digital interface can be used on a tablet to remotely control the camera, store files, and export reports to the operators and shipping companies. To facilitate the operator's work and ensure a good user experience, we ensured that the camera interface was aligned with other Framo physical products and digital interfaces, such as the new interface on their piano console and customer portal.

While the main focus was the control application, EGGS also delivered suggestions for holistic concepts to make the camera even lighter, smaller, and safer. These concepts included new functionality to improve the experience for operators, as well as an updated visual styling to make the complete package fit better into Framo’s innovative product portfolio.

We designed and delivered a flexible digital solution for touch interfaces to control the InTank camera. We also applied a holistic understanding of brand, product, and digital to create a brand-new type of experience for Framo and their customers. Above, you can see a suggestion for conceptual improvements to the physical camera and associated parts.

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