Re-imagining autonomous operations


Designing a flexible and user-friendly interface for maritime control software

The HUGIN AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is one of KONGSBERG’s proudest engineering accomplishments and most well known products. With the recent launch of their new Sounder USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle), there was a need for innovation, building upon a two decade legacy of control software. Together, we created a flexible and intuitive interface that can manage both AUV and USV operation.

During the last twenty-five years, Kongsberg Maritime’s Marine Robotics department has developed from a mainly engineering-oriented hardware vendor, towards a service-oriented solution provider. They have become more customer centric, embracing design as a core part of the product development process. EGGS design has been a key design partner throughout this transition, providing impactful support in the development of multiple operating systems, including the HuginOS operator software.

Intuitive and holistic

Together with KONGSBERG, we designed a usable, scalable and flexible operator system that works for multiple operators with different levels of experience, as well as for both USVs and AUVs. Thanks to more intuitive user flows, feedback management and system response we could create a more efficient, engaging and safe holistic user experience. Clearer alarm states and vehicle command feedback in critical situations, also increases safety levels and builds trust between operator and vessel.

Through the use a consistent design system and responsive patterns we created an intuitive tool that can scale to include multiple vehicles of different types. The customizable interface allows users to have clutter-free visuals and at the same allows for thorough and complete control.

Remaining faithful to legacy users

One challenge when redesigning software, is ensuring that so-called legacy users (those who are used to a previous version of the software) feel conformable with the new version, while you also meet the needs of new users and new standards. To accomplish this, the process of design and development was agile and iterative, performing numerous tests with internal and external stakeholders, including live sea trials to test both design concepts and implemented software.

As a result, both new and old users have given positive feedback and legacy users say that although much has changed from the previous version, they feel at home with the new version after relatively few days of use.

“I was a bit unsure what to expect, but this release looks really professional. I don’t think it will take long to get used to the new layout. I have tried replay and some planning, it provides a much better overview.”
Navy officer and long-time user of HuginOS

The interface design, with its combination of 2D and 3D, reinforces desired behaviors and engagement and helps operators stay focused and alert during long periods of operation. The new holistic look and feel of the application also promotes a sense of pride for the operator.

Automation for more sustainable maritime operations

Autonomous ships are building the logistics infrastructure of the future, and automated goods transport systems can make global trade cleaner, safer and more effective. Autonomous ships and under water vehicles can optimize and reduce the environmental impact of maritime trade routes. Moreover, automated technological systems such as the KONGSBERG offerings, have the potential to be used to monitor ocean assets, such as fish stocks, pollution and pH levels. If the technology is used right, it has the potential to contribute to several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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