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Museu da Pessoa

Museu da Pessoa (Museum of the People) is a Brazilian-based collaborative virtual museum made up of people’s life stories. EGGS helped the museum rethink its online portal and visual identity, providing tools for it to be more agile and business-minded. At the same time, we ensured Museu da Pessoa’s most valuable asset – people – always remain at the centre of things.

Human-centred approach

Museu da Pessoa is one of the world's first virtual museums. With a 24-year history and a collection of over 20 000 life stories, in terms of the visitor experience and running of the museum, it has a strong desire to renew and rethink what it offers.

As Museu da Pessoa is all about people and their stories, we recognized that it was essential to place them at the centre of things by taking a human-centred approach. So, by providing an improved user experience of the web portal and visual identity, we allowed people’s stories to shine through in the way that the museum presents itself. This application was a key factor, especially as the portal is the museum, and as such people's interaction with it should be nothing short of excellent.

Based on user insights, we suggested several changes for the development of a new website. For example: optimization for mobile, simplified and tailored user journeys, improved indexation and search options for the collection.

Via user insight and research, we could design suggestions for journeys relating to different users, and that way, create a better experience for visitors. The new design aims to offer a more attractive, tailored, and modern user experience.

Creating agility and a business mindset

As a non-profit organization, it’s a constant challenge for the museum to gather funds and resources to continue its work. To address this, we arranged future-thinking workshops where we helped the museum reimagine its business model by looking outwards, getting inspiration from future trends. To boost the effect of this, we brought in external participants from several companies and organisations, such as Google Brazil. As a result, we could design an agile approach that embraced continuous innovation, renewal and development of Museu da Pessoa’s business model. Practices that enabled it to forge ahead with its work.

Karen Worcman, Director, Museu da Pessoa

The process EGGS developed was crucial for Museu da Pessoa because it simultaneously brought reflexion, innovation and creativity. It made us rethink our relationship with the public and our organization, opening up a whole new vision for our brand.

Karen Worcman, Director, Museu da Pessoa

New look that better reflects the museum

To better project the work and purpose of the museum externally, we envisioned a new visual identity for Museu da Pessoa. In this redesigned visual concept, we shifted the focus away from the museum towards people. Also, the new look helps the museum by giving its team a refreshed identity that not only inspires them but more suitably reflects the future of the museum too.

Future improvement

Now that the museum has a new visual profile, along with the design tools to become more user-centred, agile and business-minded, the next step is to implement further changes. Shortly, the plan is to apply the learnings and tools from this project to a new web portal optimized for mobile, new marketing materials and a renewed strategy. There are also proposals for fundraising campaigns, partnerships and the unveiling and implementation of the new visual identity.

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