More effective treatment with health data


Visualising and contextualizing patient insights

Norwegian Deepinsight is on a mission to make data-driven healthcare a reality. In their current project with Modum Bad’s mental health clinics, we helped them visualize real-time patient data to enable data-driven and effective treatment.

In this pilot project, Deepinsight, with EGGS as a designpartner, are delivering a solutionfor packaging patient data gathered in surveys at Modum Bad’s mental health clinics. Modum Bad collects data in patient surveys and aims to use the data to better inform clinicians of the patients’ mental health development to guide treatment.

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Contextualizing and visualising data

In Modum Bad’s clinics, the patients answer weekly surveys to assess their well-being and mental health development in real time. To make the data useful and easier to interpret, we designed visualisations and contextualization of essential data, such as, for example, patients' ratings of depression or weight concern. By assigning colours like orange, blue, or green to patients' scores and including both current status and development over time, it’s easier for the clinician to assess the patient.

"Working with EGGS Design helped us iterate and test our designs at a rapid pace, allowing the value of design driven innovation to shine on this project."
Erica Gibson, Head of UX, DeepInsight

By putting the data in context and visualising development over time, it gives a more accurate and relevant image of the patient’s status. Colours indicate data points that are cause for concern (orange) as well as data that are in a ‘safe area’ (green) and improving (blue).

More effective treatment

Data can be a valuable resource to improve and evaluate medical treatments. With the data as support, the aim is for the health teams at the clinics to use it to make more informed decisions for the patients’ treatment. For example, by seeing the development of a patient’s well-being score or visualizing patterns and correlations in changes, it can be possible to adjust the treatment to better fit each individual, and secure better treatment quality.

“We see a clearly positive effect of using data actively in the patient treatment. It enables us to change course swiftly and improve the treatment.”
Pål Ulvenes, Psychology Specialist and Analytics Manager, Modum Bad

Next steps

The pilot has been delivered and launched at one of Modum Bad’s clinics, focusing on patients with eating disorders. However, the plan is to introduce it to Modum Bad’s other six clinics and also make it available to other health institutions in Norway, having a great potential to positively impact a wide range of treatments.

During the design process, we collaborated closely with engineers and data analytics to develop the solution. We have gathered user insights from the clinicians and user-tested the design continuously.

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