Merging physical and digital design


Innovation and digitalization in the maritime industry

Framo is a world-leading, Bergen-based company that provides Cargo Pumping Systems to clients in the maritime sector worldwide. EGGS has assisted Framo on their innovation and digitalization journey, helping to redesign their flagship control console.

With a strong customer focus and interest in increasing their innovation capacity, Framo embarked on a journey with EGGS to explore how design could benefit them and their customers. The result is an example of how two seemingly very different worlds – traditional engineering and UX -together can create something great.

A more intuitive, digital interface

Part of Framo’s delivery to customers consists of a console that controls and monitors offloading operations on tanker vessels. Up until now, this console has been analogue. As part of their wish to innovate and digitalize their business, EGGS redesigned the console and digitalized its functionalities. By merging the digital and the physical, we could create a console with improved user experience, a more intuitive interface, and better usability. Moreover, the new digital design enables Framo to, at any time, make updates, adjustments, or improvements to the design.

The redesigned digital console is equipped with a dual-screen system. At just a glance, it shows the status of the complete cargo pumping system, including the hydraulic power unit.
We tackled a number of different opportunities, creating an improved user experience, a more intuitive interface, and a new holistic look and feel. By merging digital and physical touchpoints, we also ensured a technical and visual foundation for future digitalisation of Framo's products and services.
William Chaumeton, Senior Designer, EGGS Design
When designing the new console, we took into consideration different types of users and user contexts. The new design is ergonomic, easy to use, and has a holistic look and feel.
William's and EGGS’ structure and energy helped us focus on the system we wanted to build. It also helped us gain confidence in the process and create meaningful impact with the final design.
Dino Milak, Project Manager Sales, Framo

Paving the way for data usage in other projects

The modern console platform has the potential to open up for other digitalization projects and the streamlined usage of data. Gathering data digitally may eventually provide valuable information not only for Framo’s customers but also in terms of their continuous innovation and product development. In this sense, the project acts as a platform to innovate, add new functionality and new technology to their portfolio.

The digitalization of the piano console opens for data usage in future innovation projects for Framo. Gathering data digitally may eventually provide valuable information not only for their customers but also in terms of continuous innovation and product development

A powerful combination of technology, engineering, and design

Some of the best design outcomes happen when different approaches and people with diverse backgrounds and skills meet. In the case of Framo and EGGS, the combination of Framo’s deep domain expertise, vision, and engineer heavy team and EGGS creative approach was a great mix. By guiding a creative way of thinking and problem solving, we could provide Framo with the tools to identify innovation opportunities and put an even greater focus on user experience.

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