Making public transport easier with a stronger identity

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab

New visual identity for Danish mobility company

Danish public transport company, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, decided to improve its visual identity to make passengers' journeys easier. EGGS helped unify the design both on and inside its fleet by simplifying everything and focusing on the users as opposed to the actual transport. The result is fewer colours, more functionality and better usability.

From transport to mobility

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) are on a mission to provide an excellent public transport service (buses, trains, taxis and city bikes) for citizens and companies throughout the region it covers, regardless of where they live, work or operate. The aim is for the company to be a shining example of how best to provide high-quality mobility and public transportation. Since 2015, NT has gone from being just a traditional transport company to also focusing on mobility. That is, it now views the transportation of people holistically. Everything gets centred around the users (people) as opposed to the actual transportation system and its fleet.

By coordinating the design of the transportation and limiting the number of colours and visuals applied, it becomes easier for users to visualize their journey while reducing the risk of confusion.

United design for a smoother journey

An important part of the transformation was to place users at the centre of NT’s services. It was decided, therefore, to improve the visual design of the fleet with EGGS’ help. That way, it makes it easier for users to understand how to get the most out of NT’s services. Also, how best to get from A to B. By coordinating the design of the transportation and limiting the number of colours and visuals applied, it becomes easier for users to visualize their journey while reducing the risk of confusion.

The design also considers several practical details, such as maintenance, cleaning and the amount of space needed for information and communication both on and inside the different modes of transport. Developed in close collaboration with NT’s graphic designers, the intention is for the design to appear timeless, so it remains relevant and contributes to a pleasant public environment for many years to come.

To reflect the region in which Nordjyllands Trafikselskab operates, we drew inspiration from Danish nature, particular its light (the famous “Skagen light”), its coastline, sea and beaches, by using light and bright colours such as Nordic blue, sand and winter yellow. Named "Heaven and Horizon", the design concept’s yellow stripe emphasizes the direction of the transport, along with being a reference to the horizon. The circle refers back to Nordjyllands Trafikselskab’s logo and the design of its bus and train stops.

The design principles

To create the new design the following five principles guided us:

Unified. NT's fleet should be perceived as coherent and united to create a feeling of security among passengers. It should be easily identifiable as Nordjyllands Trafikselskab and no one else.

Intuitive. The different modes of transport and their connection points should be easy to understand and locate in relation to one another and passengers journey as a whole.

Simplicity: The design should follow Danish design tradition, where functionality and simple visual expression goes hand-in-hand.

Beauty: NT’s visual identity should improve its appearance and provide passengers with an enjoyable experience. It should also contribute to the staff taking pride in their work.

Long-term: The design should be timeless and strengthen the NT brand via elegant, straightforward, long-term visualization.

The first mode of transport to feature the new design are several buses, which go out on the roads in May 2019. Then more of the fleet will adopt the new visuals from August 2019, with the full fleet expected to be given them by 2023.

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