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Sørlandsis' new packaging

Hennig-Olsen's new packaging for its ice cream range, Sørlandsis, combines practicality with an appealing appearance that's further in line with the company's core values. The goal of the new packaging design is to strengthen the brand Sørlandsis by giving it a modern design with more personality and character. A smarter packaging and logistics solution helps save space and results in a more environmentally friendly product and increased profit.

A brand with a personal expression

Sørlandsis is Hennig-Olsen's, and Norway's, overall best-selling ice cream. By giving the brand Sørlandsis its own specially designed packaging, as opposed to having generic industrial packaging, the brand is now perceived as being more unique and modern. Particular emphasis has been given to the product design of the container, which incorporates the new branding, and shape-wise is more rounded and sophisticated. Also, the embossed logo on the side of the container looks more elaborate, and the tamper-proof mirrored seal and smile in the logo are slicker. Great care has been put into creating a stronger tactile experience for the consumer, bringing about a more premium look and feel.

The new shape and design also have additional consumer benefits. It’s now easier to scoop ice cream out of the container, and the design is far more appealing on the dining table.

The graphic design, and overall tone-of-voice of the label (designed by Anti) have been given a more personal expression, resulting in consumers experiencing the whole ice cream brand as being more modern and appealing.
In addition to the technical improvements of the packaging, the new design has elevated the brand to a higher level, so that it’s more modern looking. Now Sørlandsis has premium packaging that emphasises the brand’s position, along with incorporating several unique design assets.
Marianne Høy Erikstad, Marketing Manager, Hennig-Olsen

Better logistics and functionality

Because of its improved packaging design, 30 extra boxes of Sørlandsis can now fit on a Euro pallet, ready for transportation. The result is 211.2 fewer Euro pallets and 3.2 fewer refrigerator trucks per year, helping Hennig-Olsen strengthen both its economic and environmental stance. Sørlandsis is also more easily stackable in commercial freezers, taking advantage of 18% more depth and being 10% more visible to customers. EGGS’ primary focus throughout the project was transforming what used to be purely functional features into elements of beauty and function.

The new packaging has met the requirements of a demanding brief. It works more efficiently on the production line, has better filling rates for both FPAK and pallet levels, and fills the freezers more efficiently, ensuring more sustainable packaging.
Marianne Høy Erikstad, Marketing Manager
Thanks to its smoothly rounded shape, vertical slats and lowered corners, the new packaging for Sørlandsis offers a sense of traditional craftsmanship and nostalgia. Both of which perfectly reflect Henning-Olsen's pride in being Norway's most established ice cream manufacturer.

Enhanced user experience

Throughout the project, EGGS worked closely with Norwegian design agency, Anti, who was responsible for the design of the labelling. The overall goal was to create the right holistic experience for users. Sørlandsis is now reaching a broader consumer base with the introduction of various new flavours. These flavours have higher quality ingredients, which is reflected in the price and communicated through design via a smaller 1.4L container with a sleek silvery coloured lid framing the label.

The container is still in its original and recognisable yellow colour, but now has a combination of a matte and glossy surface in conjunction with an embossed logo, increasing the quality of the tactile experience.

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