Getting ready for take-off from Bergen


Training staff in a brand new airport

When Avinor opened a brand new airport in Bergen, they asked EGGS to assist them in ensuring a good passenger experience. Through visualisation, culture-building activities, and training material, we helped staff locate themselves and their role in the user journey, both literally and figuratively.

It’s not every day that a new airport opens. Airports are complex structures, with an intense flow of people and particular processes and regulations, all happening in a significant geographic area. This complexity calls for well-planned services and staff working in close collaboration and with a good understanding of each other’s roles.

We were looking for a competent partner to work on communication and culture-building. EGGS were creative, proactive, and engaged, with excellent design execution.
Asbjørn Tolo, Project Manager, Operations T3, Bergen Airport

Visualising the space and its functionality

Avinor organises the Bergen Airport’s (as well as Oslo’s) operations in five main activities: Departures, Arrivals, Transfer, Baggage, and Turn-around (when the aircraft is prepared in between flights with refuelling, cleaning and so on.) We looked closely at each activity, identifying what was different from before and what should stay the same in the new airport. All new information, including new technology, new functionalities, and new physical spaces, needed to be communicated clearly, effectively, and comprehensively to the staff. To do this, we presented it visually, mostly in the form of maps, to locate services and functionalities.

We created visualisations of the physical space to help staff orient themselves in the new space and to locate services and functionalities.
EGGS showed a deep understanding of the operations at the airport. They visualised and developed the training material in an excellent, illustrative, and pedagogic manner.
Asbjørn Tolo, Project Manager, Operations T3, Bergen Airport

The airport as an ecosystem

To make sure staff received the proper training, Avinor held a series of course events, as well as an event for culture building. Apart from directing the event and designing the scenography, EGGS designed and produced all training material, including presentations, graphic material, and films. We also provided guidance and coaching for the presenters at the course and the event, to sharpen their presentation skills.

The culture building event played an essential part in the training and preparation of people in the organisation to open the new airport. It provided each department and each individual an opportunity to reflect on their own and others' part in the airport's ecosystem. Each component is essential for, and at the same time, depends on the whole.

People give life to the architecture

One of the main focuses of preparing the organisation to operate the new airport was to make sure people were always put front and centre. People are what give life to a building, its architecture, and its services. Not the other way around. This means that people and their needs – both employees and customers – always have to be considered and lead the way when designing and operating the services

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