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Creating design systems for Norway’s largest bank

Design systems are a way of creating a common language for designers and developers to communicate more smoothly and effectively. EGGS has helped DNB, Norway’s largest bank, throughout that process, including the development of its online bank.

Establishing a common language

Both designers and developers sometimes find it challenging establishing a common understanding of what a digital service should look like once finished, which has been an issue for DNB. To combine the designers’ focus on frontend usability and aesthetics with the developers’ function-oriented solutions, EGGS’ developers created the design systems for the bank. It’s a one-stop-shop for building new functions and services for DNB.

EGGS has built Eufemia, the design system, together with Jens Thuland and DNB's UX design team.

We’re truly amazed by EGGS’ expertise and knowledge in building a world-class design system with our own UX designers.
Jens Thuland, UX Lead Designer, DNB
The Eufemia design system is a one-stop-shop for building new functions and services for DNB. EGGS has built Eufemia together with DNB's UX design team, headed by Jens Thuland.

Better and more accessible user experience

Design systems save time and money as they work like digital building blocks for web design, eliminating repetitive coding work. But perhaps even more importantly, they can also improve the end-user experience, as they have in DNB’s case. When users recognise the design, they can easier understand how to navigate the website, where to click, and how to find what they’re searching for.

We’ve also been able to increase the accessibility by adapting DNB’s design system to WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards. A feat especially important since, by the year 2021, every web solution will be obliged to comply with a set of governmental universal design and accessibility requirements. These demands make it not only easier for users with disabilities such as impaired vision, loss of hearing, restricted movement or cognitive limitations, but also non-disabled users. The people who for various reasons, find themselves temporarily hindered, for example, while carrying a small child or when in a space with poor the lighting. Ultimately, the new regulations will result in an enhanced user experience for everyone.

DNB’s next-generation banking solutions will have vastly improved the quality of the user experience, including accessibility and consistency between our different products.
Jens Thuland, UX Lead Designer, DNB

Unique being a cloud-based system

A unique factor in this project is that DNB's design system is cloud-based. So, collaborating while simultaneously following the book and using standardized so called “single source of truth” (SSOT) has been a significant plus in making the further evolving of everything more manageable. What’s more, the HTML elements (buttons, etc.) have been developed to fit the defined grid system perfectly. Hence, working with all the various components and styles has been a breeze as, similar to Lego bricks, they easily join up. As the Lego saying goes, “Everything is better when we stick together.”

In the design system, all the HTML elements (buttons, etc.) have been developed to fit the defined grid system perfectly.

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