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Digitalised logistics for dental appliances

This story is one of absolute crowning glory, of how EGGS turned an ordinary brush-up assignment into a business-boosting transformation project. Proteket, who delivers dental appliances such as implants, crowns and bridges, is the first of its kind to digitalise its ordering service. By bringing a holistic and insight-oriented mindset to the mix, EGGS was able to take the service far beyond just digitalisation. Now, this gleaming new solution is broadening the grins of every stakeholder throughout the entire value chain.

From ancient to cutting-edge

The dental industry is suffering because of ancient working procedures. Most dentists are still laboriously scribbling away via good old-fashioned pen and paper, plainly requesting the products they need for their patients. What Proteket represents is a young and innovative spirit amongst this landscape of dinosaurs. With their forward-thinking stance, the company was already shaking the dental industry up before they approached us here at EGGS.

When the mavericks at Proteket were willing to push the boundaries of innovation even further, we jumped at the chance to initiate a classic people-centred design process.

Getting to the root of the problem

As it turned out, we were the first to ask dentists what they really need. We spent a lot of time gaining insight into their working routines, whilst observing how they went about ordering products. From this we were able to get a clear understanding of what an average workday looked like for them. We soon discovered that most systems within the dental industry were still very antiquated. Orders often got lost or were delayed. Also, dentists frequently received wrong products or ones that didn’t quite match what was originally specified. This led to their patients having to wait ages for what they required, threatening a possible loss of clients for dentists, as well as for Proteket.

Brushing up the dental industry

To solve some of Proteket’s logistical complexity, we encouraged them to go entirely digital. By conferring with all stakeholders, we were able to demonstrate how a dramatic internal change could unlock the potential to hugely improve the company’s efficiency, quality and predictability. Weeks of brainstorming, visualizations and concepts followed before finally, the best ideas were all integrated into a visually sublime cloud-based digital tool. A system which is designed to cater for the needs of everyone concerned.

Proteket Online is a system which is designed to cater for the needs of everyone concerned.

Creating a winning impression

Now, Proteket Online is even more of a phenomenon within its field. Both dentists and technicians have 100% control over order flows. They can easily check things every step of the way, adding notes or making changes at any time. As a result, technicians manufacture products more accurately and get them delivered faster. From processing 90-100 orders per week, Proteket currently deals with over 600. Its technicians effectively breeze through orders, whilst dentists get exactly what they need and their patients leave the chair with a dazzling smile.


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