Designing for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging


A holistic customer experience

Statkraft-owned Mer (previously Grønn Kontakt) offers an extensive network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Norway, Sweden, the UK and Germany. To start off their user-centred transformation and maintain a holistic focus, Mer partnered up with EGGS. The result is a seamless customer journey, with a redesigned app, consistent communication of the brand, as well as tools and learnings for working with agile processes and implementation of digital products in the organisation.

From business-focused to user oriented

In 2020, Grønn Kontakt, operating in Norway, Sweden and UK, was acquired by Statkraft, together with ee – Mobility and E-WALD in Germany, and changed its name to Mer. By that time, EGGS were already involved in user insight work to get a more accurate and deeper understanding of Mer’s customers. We embarked on a transformation journey together with Mer, to redesign their app as well as implement their new brand. More than concrete design solutions, the process has also been about creating tools and know-how for working continuously with transformation and innovation in the company.

You’ve helped us solve a complex challenge in a complex industry. And, most importantly, you’ve helped us explain it and create understanding internally.
Hanne Nyborg Watts, Head of Business Development at Mer Norway
We’ve helped Mer on their transformation journey, maintaining focus on the customers and facilitating the user experience with the help of design. This involved interviewing their many different types of customers; from the users of their 260 charging stations, to the users of their chargers in commercial buildings and housing cooperatives.

Transforming insights into a consistent experience

Mer’s goal was to create a holistic, consistent and easy user experience. This required deep user insight work, and close collaboration between different design disciplines, as well as with the client and other external stakeholders.

Their offering consists of an entire ecosystem of services, both physical such as the stations and chargers in different locations, and digital such as services in the app and website. It encompasses innumerous touch points and the user journey and experience could sometimes be complicated. Together with Mer, we used what we had learned about the customers’ pain points to develop a simpler, seamless and more holistic customer journey. This work involved: digital design, front end development, brand implementation and information design, industrial design and service design.

Brand implementation has been important since consistent and clear communication works as the “glue” that integrates the different touch points – both digital and physical - and helps the customer orient him- or herself when using the service.

Brand implementation has been important since consistent, clear communication works as the “glue” that integrates the different touch points – both digital and physical. Having a holistic, unified visual communication, that is well adapted to different locations facilitates the use of the service.
The redesigned app now offers the customers an improved experience with a new look and feel. It gives a better overview of the user account and settings and makes it easy to find available chargers through maps and directions. Moreover, it provides information about the amenities that are available at the charging stations, such as restaurants, toilets and other services. The current version is only one step of the way, and soon a second version will be launched with further improvements.

Rigging for continuous development

Innovation is a process that is never finished. In this project, which is ongoing, the app is one part of Mer’s innovation and digitalisation journey, but it doesn’t end there. A key building block in the project is having rigged a good team and development process. Moreover, we have together defined the goals that the agile team can aspire to reach and centre around in the further development of the service.

The new app has generated a sense of internal pride in Mer. People are proud of being a part of creating it.
Hanne Nyborg Watts, Head of Business Development at Mer Norway

New app release and web portal coming up

The next release of the app is on its way, and with new releases planned in the near future. These will have improvements and new features based entirely on user feedback and data analytics. It will, among other things, offer an easier way to start charging. So far, the response for the app is good, and it has already surpassed the website in registrations of new users. Alongside the app, we’re also starting the development of a new web portal and «My page» (Min side) that will be adapted to work in perfect sync with the app. Watch this space!

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