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An app that connects artists and art buyers

The app Atelier gives art enthusiasts access to the immensely diverse collection of quality art from professional and local artists. It allows artists to present their artworks and invite to exhibitions and sales online, or at their studios. EGGS has developed the app together with Atelier.

Connecting buyers and artists

From the over 3000 professional artists in Norway, only about 5% are represented by an art gallery. Hence, large amounts of quality art are stored in artists’ studios and remain inaccessible to the general public. There is a significant gap in the market between the existing art and the art accessible to people looking for quality art. Atelier solves this problem by providing a forum where art enthusiasts can explore, discover, and buy art from the artists directly, without an intermediary. Art enthusiasts now get to contact and meet artists at their studios and understand the unique story behind the artworks. All artists in Atelier are reviewed by other professional artists, which assures high-quality art in the service.

Atelier is an app that offers a forum where people interested in art can explore, discover, and buy art straight from the art producer. They can connect and meet in the studio and understand the unique story behind the artworks.

Better economic opportunities for artists

By providing artists with a digital tool that facilitates sales, they get more time left over for what they do best – their craft. Atelier is also a secure and accessible alternative for potential art buyers. By cutting out the intermediary, it enables the artists to increase their profits and build a more economically stable business. Moreover, being a digital tool that can be accessed from anywhere, it can contribute to reaching new audiences.

The app allows artists to present their artworks and invite to exhibitions and sales online, or at their studios.

Already a popular tool

Since the launch in 2018, nearly 400 professional artists have created an artist profile and uploaded over 2200 art pieces in the service. Also, it has reached almost 3,000 registered users and over 3,000 app downloads and several thousands of users looking for art each month. Atelier is continuing to grow and develop new services to make art more widely accessible to the public.

EGGS is part of the venture

EGGS is an early investor in Atelier and has contributed with iOS development, design, and business development from when Atelier launched its first MVP in 2017. During the process, new business concepts and features have been identified and are now under development.

We are looking forward to continuing the journey and partnership with Atelier!

You can find and download the app in App Store.

With the new AR feature people looking for art can now view it on their wall at home. Soon individuals and businesses will also be able to subscribe to art.

Sounds interesting?

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