Yes, we can

The first step was to understand the mix of stakeholders, their needs and their working processes. We soon understood that our task had two main aspects:

  • Automate everything that can be automated and support the mass handling of straightforward tasks.

  • Accommodate for the nitty-gritty “detective work” of the remaining deviations.

After working conceptually through several iterations, we applied a graphic expression that supported both functionality as well as the brand experience. The before/after effect was evident.

Conecto before and after the re-design of both the functional and the visual aspects of the application.

Overview and streamlining

The solution for Conecto is a personal dashboard with overviews, prioritized task lists, and mass-handling functionalities for the debt collectors. Tasks and information is accessible with a single click. When the debt collector now gets a call from a debtor, all the necessary information automatically pops up on her screen. It’s a brand new day for the debt collectors.

Our employees will save 50% time on their workload with this new solution.
Lars Kåre Helsem, Marketing Director, Conecto