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A digital tool to guide organizations

Virke, one of Norway’s largest employer organizations, offers companies a variety of services. One of them is Styres, a digital guide for small and medium-sized organizations on best practices for board-work. EGGS has helped Virke transform large amounts of digitalized content, an "encyclopedia" into a web app with easily accessible and structured content and improved user experience.

To offer their customers a high-quality, relevant, and user-friendly service, Virke has redesigned and developed their guide for board-work, Styres, further. Together with EGGS and Forte Digital, they have transformed it from a digital encyclopedia into a more modern web app version. The app, which was launched in August 2020, offers the users new and improved functionality and has acquired more than 100 subscriptions in less than two months’ time. The feedback from users has been positive, who find the content relevant and the tool easy and intuitive to use. EGGS has assisted with digital design, UX and UI, brand design, and graphic design.

Styres offers advice and tools for both the practicalities of board-work, as well as on how to best handle budget and economy. For Virke, the application means more opportunities to engage with their customers, and for the customers, it results in a better, more relevant, and tailored service.
We’re very happy with the design result. It’s user-friendly and offers a great platform to build new functionality and content on.
Asbjørn André Myrlund, Project Director, Virke

Engaging, relevant, and accessible content

To ensure a useful and relevant tool, we have worked closely together with a selection of Virke’s members, testing the solution continuously to find the optimal design and functionality. One of the most important features of the app is for the user to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. Moreover, it’s essential that the user has access to content that is relevant for them and their company specifically. For this, we have created tailored content for different roles on a board, as well as the possibility to adapt the settings for, for example, industry news depending on the member’s interests.

The web app offers templates of board-related documents, such as accounting documents, minutes, protocols, risk analysis, and others. The content can be easily overviewed by using the filters to only show content relevant to the user.

We have, together with Virke, developed a quiz with 15 questions that help members quickly assess how they can improve the work in their company board.

Well-planned board work is essential

Most of Virke’s members are small to medium-sized companies. For these organisations, the quality of the board and its work is highly important and can directly contribute to the company’s failure or success. At the same time, due to limited resources, they may not have the know-how or structure to conduct professional board-work. Styres can be an essential tool for these companies and help them structure, plan, and execute this work effectively.

Apart from templates, Styres offers hands-on advice on economy, how to select members of the board, how to conduct meetings, how often, descriptions of roles, as well as a yearly planning-tool.

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