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Circle K

A unique ecosystem of charging stations for electric cars

The concept of petrol stations is changing in Norway due to the rapidly rising number of electric cars now on the road. About 80% of all new cars sold in Norway in 2022 were electric. Circle K is at the forefront of this mobility change, having already started converting from providing fossil fuels to becoming electric energy stations. EGGS has helped in this transformation by creating an entire ecosystem of charging points, information and new services for customers.

From petrol stations to electric energy stations

Evolving from being just a regular petrol station to a future-oriented chain of electric energy-supplier offering charging to consumers at the Circle K stations, at workplaces and homes, is an essential strategy for Circle K.

Circle K is pioneering the transformation of petrol stations and is the first company in the world to replace their fossil fuel pumps with electric chargers. It’s at Alexander Kiellands Place in Oslo, Norway.

The best possible charging experience

Together with Circle K, we developed the concept “Easy charging wherever you are". What it represents is an entire ecosystem of charging stations that aims to supply every electric vehicle driver with the best possible charging experience. EGGS has helped define all of Circle K’s value propositions by applying business design and service design, besides developing the visual design and web design for a new Circle K brand identity.

Circle K has installed over 400 fast chargers at their energy stations since 2018. They are a combination of Circle K's chargers as well as their partner's chargers.

Design in the driver’s seat

After mapping out user journeys and touchpoints, we began prototyping, user testing and iterating on different concepts and designs. We then developed the touchpoints for each service throughout the ecosystem. The touchpoints included the visual design for Circle K’s fast chargers and home chargers, packaging, brochures, instructions, wayfinding at stations and Circle K’s website The website we designed and coded, in collaboration with Circle K's developers.

The goal has been to make charging easy and accessible in all situations. At home, on the go and at work, resulting in holistic and seamless user experiences.

Triple bottom-line value

With the transition towards offering cleaner forms of energy, Circle K has improved its triple bottom line by establishing a future business model that’s more sustainable. The company is a fantastic example of how a large and profitable organisation can successfully remould itself into a cleaner, safer and healthier business with better service offerings. It also demonstrates how it’s possible to do this commercially while maintaining excellent business value.

EGGS has helped with the visual design of the home chargers, packaging and operating instructions.

Working in highly skilled teams

Sophisticated innovations require many skills in high performing teams. Aside from Circle K’s talented in-house team, EGGS is proud to have collaborated with consultants from KPMG, HiQ and Netcompany.

Planning charging is simple via Circle K’s app.

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