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Developing the mobile banking app for DNB from scratch

EGGS has helped develop the Norwegian bank, DNB’s, brand new, user-friendly mobile banking app. Behind the sleek-looking frontend lies some pretty extensive, nifty coding.

Effectively combining tech and design

To some degree, we’ve covered DNB’s new mobile banking app before, in Mobile banking done right. However, like most large-scale projects, there are numerous factors involved. In this case, tech and coding. By joining forces, EGGS’ service designers and developers raised the bar to create bold, effective ways to combine tech and design.

In this version, the beginning of DNB's new mobile offering, the focus has been on core banking functionalities. It consists of native apps for Android and iOS and uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the platform for the mobile bank’s cloud computing services.

Continous building of new functionalities

Developed for both Android and iOS, we established a powerful native app by creating a strong foundation that enables the continuous building of new functionalities. Initially, the app only provided customers with information such as bank statements. It’s gone on to allow people to make payments and transactions, block cards and request new ones, set up savings accounts and more. Now all DNB's services are available in the palm of everyone’s hand. As a result, the number of daily users has increased significantly. We’ve also developed two-factor identification and biometric login for the app.

Going cloud-based

Leaving conventional waterfall methods behind meant we could adopt a more agile way of working. With fixed, cross-functional teams focusing on each part of the app, things are steaming ahead. As for the future, then, DNB’s mobile banking has already begun its transition to becoming entirely cloud-based and independent of its core systems. This shift corresponds with DNB’s overall strategy of making the entire bank cloud-based by 2025.

Gunnar Martin Kjenner (left) tests the new mobile bank while developers Erlend Nitter-Hauge (middle) and Kenneth Aastrøm (right) are observing. Photo credits: Stig B. Fiksdal. Originially published on:

Freedom to create via trust

For EGGS’ tech-heads, the opportunity to work on one of Norway’s most significant app development projects means a great deal. Thanks to DNB’s trust in us, and its customers’ engagement in the project, we've been able to maximize all our creative, innovative abilities and propel the project forever forward.

To almost be given total freedom to choose the best creative tools and implement new solutions is extremely inspiring. It feels great having the client’s trust.
Kenneth Aastrøm, Senior Developer, EGGS Design

The importance of cooperation

Innovation doesn't happen in isolation. A shout out to DNB themselves, as well as our fellow consultants from Knowit, Netlight, TCS, EVRY, Making Waves, Zenior and Apparat for your interfacing and overlapping competences and great collaboration on this innovation project. It's our joint forces that make innovation happen.

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