Closing the gap with brand transformation


A modern and emotional brand to match the company culture

Sperre is a world leading, Norwegian-based global maritime tech company that develops, produces, deliver and service compressed air systems for ships. Known for their state-of-the art products and customer service, they asked us for help to transform and update their brand into one that matches their modern values and vision.

Giving justice to their top-notch delivery

No matter whom you ask–and we asked quite a few in our insight work-about Sperre’s customer service and delivery, you’ll get top ratings. They deliver excellent products and services to their clients and are passionate about what they do. This, however, was not reflected in their brand that hadn’t been updated for decades.

Responsible, progressive and people-centric

Sperre has a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and work actively with developing sustainable products and services. They also have a strong and people-centric culture, which we brought forward in their new brand with images and content showing off the people behind the products and services.

“In a traditional industry like the maritime industry, it’s noteworthy to see such a progressive company as Sperre, that really embraces change. I’m truly impressed.”
Martin Nordseth, Lead Brand Designer,EGGS Design

Transforming the brand from scratch

To build Sperre’s new brand, we worked holistically and transformed every piece of the brand–from brand strategy, communication strategy, visual identity and tone of voice to website design and content. The delivery is a result of a close collaboration with Sperre and their management, Strategic Brand Designer Kristine Blesvik from KastleBlack, content creators from Takk for sist who produced text content for the new Sperre website, photographer Marius Beck Dahle and web developers from Avento.

When developing the new brand, we took tare to create a holistic brand, that is coherent on different platforms and in different contexts.

Sounds interesting?

Eline Strøm-Gundersen

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