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Next generation mobility

We’re in the middle of a significant ongoing shift from owning to leasing concerning personal mobility. Look at Uber, Zipcar and Car Collective. Everyone’s talking about self-driving cars and electrification, as technological developments provide new opportunities. The radical way in which people consider mobility these days, away from actually owning a car to seeing mobility solutions as consumer services (Maas) is driving car retailers to change their business models. Bertel O Steen, one of Norway’s leading car dealers, has bravely risen to the challenge.

Innovating the trad car dealer business model

Bertel O Steen has grasped the opportunity of renewing itself to create a position in the future market of mobility as a service. The company is adapting its business model and value proposition of being a car dealer, to becoming a full-service provider for personal mobility. One of its first mobility services was Biliblant. Together with EGGS and several other creative agencies, it’s now developed Easly, its most innovative car leasing service yet.

Easly is an easy and carefree mobility solution, initially in the form of leasing or car subscription and is a subsidiary of Bertel O Steen.

Less hassle with convenient, easy leasing

Easly was created based on people’s needs for less hassle and less to worry about when owning a car. Customers can chose choose from all types of services you need when you have a car: the car itself, insurance, fuel, toll ring subscription, snow tire subscription, etc. The value proposition focuses on simplicity and convenience, with uncomplicated agreements, monthly billing, quick and efficient contact and dialogue with staff at Easly, predictability with regards to servicing and car exchanges, and rewards when customers treat the cars well. Easly  is a perfect example of how we tackle business innovation at Bertel O Steen. This is the way we’re going to continue working in the future.

When Easly was developed, the choice of design methodology was key. The brand, services, visual profile, digital and physical surfaces were designed based on insights from customers. The result is an innovative mobility service.

Soft launch of MVP to enhanced service

Easly had a soft launch in Norway during winter 2018 and has since been incrementally enhanced with additions to both innovative customer-friendly mobility services and digital interface enrichments. In the automotive industry, the purchasing process can often be a bit of a daunting experience. 

With Easly, the digital sales tool for the car dealers was redesigned and subsequently contributed to its commercial success in a big way.

Embracing the future 

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Those who’ve traditionally bought and owned cars are now showing a great deal of support towards the shift in mobility and are embracing the new concept of full-service mobility from Bertel O Steen.

Over the next few years, Easly will explore further service innovations, such as swapping to a different car model or insurance policy when their mobility needs change. And all from one service provider!

Award winning design

Easly, together with EGGS, recieved the 2018 DOGA Award for Design and Architecture, with the following motivation from the jury:

The Easly service is an excellent example of how service design can and should be used to create better customer experiences. Here, SDG and EGGS have collaborated with a courageous and ambitious customer with the will and muscles to challenge their industry. The result, Easly, appears to be forward-looking and smart, and not least well-designed.
DOGA Awards' jury

Design and innovation collaboration

Several agencies have contributed to this exciting innovation journey.

Concept branding and visual identity by Scandinavian Design Group, spring 2017:

  • Service concept, branding platform, name and visual identity

Service design by EGGS, August 2017

  • Customer/user insight, defining value proposition, service options, customer journey, service strategy for Easly B2C

Digital design and the development of www.easly.noby EGGS, Knowit and McCann, November 2017

  • Design, code, content, calculator for leasing agreement

Digital design and development of Sales Solution X by EGGS and Knowit, June 2018

  • Design and code of seller’s digital sales tool to be used at retailers

Car sellers training program by EGGS and Cultivator, October – December 2017

  • Design of the training program and supporting material. An engaging program for all car dealers of Bertel O Sten, enabling them all to sell Easly.


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