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Brand core and visual identity for virtual meeting spaces

Norwegian-based Neat develops and produces high-end simplified video conference systems specially integrated with Zoom. EGGS Design worked closely with Neat and Zoom to develop a strong brand core and visual identity and brand manual to ensure effective communication as well as a perfect fit with Zoom.

As a fresh start up we understood that for Neat to be successful, defining our brand early on was as crucial as developing the right products to bring to market. It was clear from the beginning of the project that the EGGS' team had the right level of expertise to help us establish our unique identity.
Simen Andresen, Industrial Designer, Neat

Creating distinction and meaning

Great products need a foundation for the brand identity that aligns with the users, the business, and the intentions of the product or service they represent. In essence, the brand core defines the personality of a brand. In Neat’s case, this meant creating a brand core that communicated the vision of enabling togetherness and interaction as a delightfully simple digital experience.

Through EGGS Design’s guidance and contributions, we have built a solid foundation for our brand and a range of assets to work with for an aligned and neat expression.
Simen Andresen, Industrial Designer, Neat

Communicating quality through simplicity

The products making up the monolithic Neat brand architecture are Neat.Bar, Neat.Board and Neat.Pad. The products are highly advanced solutions created to simplify and refine the experience of digital Zoom meetings. Hence, it's vital that the visual identity and brand communicate this high-quality, refined, and truly 'neat' experience. We kept this in mind throughout the development of the brand - from defining colour schemes and graphic guidelines to the design of a clear, distinct logo that lives well alongside Zooms logo, as well as a complete brand manual and templates for communication and information design.

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