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Service designing the home buying process

85% of DNB customers said they would recommend DNB to others. Why? Because, thanks to design driven innovation from EGGS, the bank’s advisors are now expertly trained to effectively help customers avoid some of the pitfalls that crop up when buying a home. With 40% more proof of financing and a 5% increase in the conversion rate from proof of financing to getting a mortgage, EGGS has helped DNB create an outstanding success story around one of the most important events in people’s lives.

Empathising with customers

Buying a home is tough, most of us know that. Like expecting a baby or getting married, it’s a major milestone in life. Passions often run high and stress levels can go through the roof. Becoming the best at empathising with its customers during key events such as these is an important factor for DNB. Therefore, providing consistent expert advice throughout the entire duration of customers buying a home was a core goal when implementing the project. With this in mind, EGGS embarked on an illuminating service design journey. One which highlighted exactly what actions DNB should take to create maximum value for its customers.

If we are sensitive towards the customers wishes, they feel valued and cared for. If we act indifferent, we end up giving the impression of a big, impersonal bank.
DNB adviser
Providing consistent expert advice throughout the entire duration of customers buying a home was a core goal when implementing the project. Photo: Thomas Ekström

A window of opportunity

The driving force of the project was to concurrently run a number of main activity streams, in order to create a continuous process of gaining insight. An example was challenging the stereotypical perception of customer types, the segmentation of young and old, and those of a low to moderate income compared to people who are more affluent. Based on this we performed a series of qualitative studies such as in-depth interviews with customers in their homes. We asked them questions ranging from their experiences of buying a home, to what their expectations were. A common finding was that most people usually only dealt with their bank via the internet. As a result, they felt there wasn’t an available advisor who could lend a sympathetic ear to individual concerns.

Normally, the bank is just on the internet for me. Whilst buying a house, my advisor became the bank. She did everything, and meant everything to me.
DNB customer

Establishing new solutions

We also learned that getting proof of financing is one of the few times customers really appreciate receiving something from their bank, but sometimes it’s hard for them to grasp the finer details. So we created a new proof of financing with less small-print. Something far simpler that clearly conveys what the customer needs to know. At the same time, we monitored DNB advisors. We were present when they took calls and sat in on customer consultations. Subsequently, we developed a comprehensive advisor training program where we designed and developed a number of tools to help them have maximum empathy with customers.

A comprehensive advisor training program was developed where we designed and developed a number of tools to help advisors gain maximum empathy with customers. Photo: Thomas Ekström

Passionately guiding people home

Overall, everything we did has not only contributed to an immensely positive customer experience, but also helped to radically change the bank’s mindset across other departments. Because of the triumphant outcome of the project, further service design projects have since been initiated, like DNB’s pension plan. They say home is where the heart is, well now DNB can passionately guide people all the way there.


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