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Scale AQ

Combining strategy and skill for an aquaculture merger

Scale AQ is a remarkable success story, becoming the global aquaculture leader in under two years. Throughout its progress, EGGS has had the honour of participating in designing and branding the merger of three companies into one.

Design as strategic management consulting

Scale AQ develops, produces and delivers competence, tech and equipment for the aquaculture industry both on land and at sea. It’s rapidly grown over the past two years via several company acquisitions and is and aims to remain the global market leader. The merger of the three companies involves strategic transformation to ensure a successful outcome, which is where EGGS comes in. By working strategically with business design and rebranding vertically in the three different organisations, together with iterations and continuous prototyping, the merger is progressing smoothly.

We’re thrilled that our contribution with business design, service design and brand transformation has helped enable a smooth fusion of the different company cultures.

This morning, I waved goodbye to three companies. Now I'm back facing one company and team.
Geir Myklebust, CEO, Scale AQ

Approaching branding holistically

“A brand is more than just a logo or visual identity. It's the sum of expressions by which an entity intends to be recognized,” says EGGS’ Lead Branding Designer, Martin Nordseth. “To create a strong brand core for Scale AQ, we designed a brand DNA that allows for consistent expressions throughout its diverse touchpoints and customer journeys. That includes strategic level branding in positioning, vision, mission and brand values, as well as hands-on development of Scale AQ’s website and content.”

Scale AQ's new website.

It wouldn’t have worked without EGGS. What they provided makes me feel completely secure when presenting our new brand and the way forward for us.
Stig Førre, CCO, Scale AQ

Making sustainability a key brand value

As part of its remodelled strategy, sustainability is now one of the new brand values (in addition to stewardship, accountability and innovation) and will play a vital role in Scale AQ’s operations. It will lead the company’s contribution to the transformation of aquaculture into a responsible and sustainable industry.

In the project, EGGS, and Scale AQ has worked intensely to include sustainability as one of the core values. The aim is to recognize challenges and speak openly about them, establish general acceptance, and goodwill by showing best practice, to raise global industry standards.

Seeking the best end result

The merger of the three companies is scheduled to be completed by summer 2020. So, there’s still a lot more work left to do. EGGS, then, will continue to collaborate with Scale AQ to guarantee the best end result. That means continuous business design consultancy, process facilitation, internal campaigns and customer insights. Watch this space!

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