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A financial dashboard in real-time for SMB's

For would-be innovators, there are few areas of business more attractive than the financial sector: old technologies ripe for modernisation, new ones on the cusp of the mainstream and ancient business models long overdue for disruption. Combined with new regulations that challenge existing customer relations, we see an industry facing a do-or-die situation. Banks wishing to survive must embrace innovation, create new business models and strive to provide an excellent user experience. Sparebanken 1 has done just so.

Faster marketing with less resources

Sparebank 1 is an alliance of independent banks throughout Norway. Faced with new EU regulations and a rapidly shifting market, the banks came together to form SMB Lab. As an independent start-up, its mission is to bring innovative business models, products and services to businesses faster, and with less resources than the banks’ traditional business development pipeline. EGGS was brought on board to help shape and build their first service: Driv (Drive).

Helping to easily control finances

At the core of Driv is a financial dashboard aimed at small to medium-sized businesses that leverages real-time data from the bank and customers accounting software. It helps business-owners control their day-to-day finances, flagging any potential problems upfront.

EGGS’ designers and developers have been involved in the concept development, service design, interaction and UX design, along with owning the front-end development. We also carried out usability testing - from early prototypes to live code, working with Sparebank 1 on frameworks for an extended pilot-test prior to launch.

Everyone pulling in the same direction

From the very beginning we involved all stakeholders - including end-users - to ensure we were delivering real value for customers. As you might expect, as an independent design agency attempting to achieve genuine innovation for an established bank, there were lots of twists and turns along the way. But the collaborative approach ensured everyone pulled in the same direction - building and launching a clearly defined MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

New, smarter ways of working

Now at the forefront of Norwegian bank-service innovation, and challenging the way new ideas are marketed, Sparebank 1 is dedicated to continually pushing the envelope. This in addition to delivering the increasingly important user-experience that modern customers want. EGGS is very proud to have played a part in that effort.

Originally founded by a single bank, SMB Lab has managed to secure its position in the Sparebank 1 alliance.

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