A new arena for banking


Creating service-oriented flagship stores

After decades of alienating self-service machines and internet banking, DNB wanted to attract customers back into their branches. By constructing modern flagship stores that offer warmer, more extended customer banking, their aim is to provide a transparent, service-oriented experience.

Invitation to explore

EGGS was asked to design and develop a comprehensive touchscreen digital solution that gave DNB’s existing customers and other visitors a chance to explore the many services the bank has to offer. The main objective was to create a highly attractive blueprint that could be applied to all of DNB’s new flagship stores.

Mapping user patterns

Therefore, we implemented a creative process working closely with an interdisciplinary group within DNB and renowned Norwegian architects Snøhetta, who designed the spatial layout for all the flagship stores interiors. We conducted interviews, held multiple workshops and observed the behaviour patterns of users throughout the bank’s various branches. We were then able to map out a complete user journey for each customer demographic.

Robust touchscreen technology

From the ideas developed, DNB chose to implement two of the solutions: A digital exploration table that incorporates new robust touchscreen technology, and via interactive features gives users a chance to explore the many products and services DNB offers. Secondly, we designed a Mini-seminar solution, inviting users to participate in simple information meetings, whilst allowing them to save details for future reference by way of a note-taking functionality.

New arena for banking

The overall result is a highly attractive, fresh way of viewing how a bank operates and what kind of services it can offer its customers. DNB’s flagship stores present a more relaxed atmosphere, where customers are greeted at the door and made to feel at home. The interiors are welcoming and meant to reflect the latest breed of modern retail spaces. This is a new arena for banking.

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