A journey from the inside out

Norwegian Maritime Authority

Service principles for a great customer experience

Providing public services in the maritime industry, the Norwegian Maritime Authority wishes to give its customers the best possible service. To do this, we've helped them develop service principles as well as gone on an internal journey to better fuse together the different departments.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) administrates and supervises matters related to vessels traveling in Norwegian waters or under a Norwegian flag abroad. Their services compose an extensive list of activities, ranging from certificates and registration of ships to maps and consultancy services. Their clients vary and can be anything from private boat owners to captains, fishers, and entire shipping companies. And herein lies Sjøfartsdirektoratets challenge – to cater as well as possible to these clients varying, and increasingly professional, needs.

By using design methodology and a creative problem-solving approach, EGGS contributed to innovative solutions.
Seline Evensen, Senior Consultant, Sjøfartsdirektoratet

A move towards professionalized services

Sjofartsdirektoratet has a wide range of different competencies and extensive industry knowledge that is made available through their public services. For the past years, the long-term focus has been to provide high-quality, professional services. To make these services more attractive and visible to the users, we together identified what the different customer journeys look like and what their pain points are.

To improve the customer experience, we needed to understand what the customers' journey looked like. Where and what are their painpoints? What is needed for them to experience Sjøfartsdirektoratet as a good, useful service provider?

Taking a good look inside

An essential part of making the customer experience smoother is to make sure that all internal processes are working seamlessly and that there is no silo-thinking or barriers between departments. To ensure that everyone in the organisation has a shared view of what Sjofartsdirektoratets purpose is, and in what direction they're striving, we arranged a culture-building event. During the event, we worked with insights and culture-building activities to visualize the different parts of the organization; what their role is, how they contribute to the customer experience and how all these parts fit together. This gave an increased understanding of each other's roles and work.

During the project, we worked a lot internally to help avoid so-called silo-thinking withing the organisation. One important part of this was a culture-building event, where we worked with insights and culture-building activities to visualize the different parts of the organization. This way, everybody could better understand what their role is and how they contribute to the customer experience.

Five service principles

Talking to the different stakeholders, both internal and external, we could identify five service principles that Sjofartsdirektoratet can use to provide a positive and seamless experience. In their services, they should be present, a partner, proactive, predictable, and relevant. Moreover, we developed a number of suggestions for projects for continuous innovation, involving internal competence development and a subproject focusing on how Sjofartsdirekotoratet kan take the role of an innovation partner, as opposed to mainly exercising a control function.

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