A digital marketplace for clean energy


Helping businesses guarantee sustainable energy consumption and supply chains

Ecohz provides B2B solutions to reach net zero targets and help businesses reduce operational and supply chain emissions. We’ve helped them conceptualise and develop a digital marketplace for documented renewable electricity – Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

From an analogue to a digital marketplace

By moving from a primarily analogue business to a digital marketplace, Ecohz can reach customers more efficiently and provide the information they need. We’ve helped them gather user insight, conceptualise and design a pilot for a digital portal that meets their customers’ needs to make efficient EAC purchases.

A leader within green certificates, Ecohz, sells renewable electricity documented with Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). They source certificates from renewable energy suppliers worldwide and market solutions to power distributors and businesses, ensuring that the power consumed in their operations and supply chains is renewable.

Understanding the market – both upstream and downstream

Before conceptualising a product for a complex market, such as EACs for electrical power, we needed to understand both the market and the users. By doing insight work both upstream (where the renewable energy is produced – by the power producers) and downstream (where the EACs are purchased – by the businesses), we could get a deep understanding of the market landscape. EGGS helped map the pain points both from the power producers and the companies buying the EACs. That way, we could understand changing customer needs within this complex and rapidly growing market.

We gathered insights from various stakeholders and tested different ideas to see what worked and what didn't. This resulted in several sub-projects focused on increasing customer loyalty and scalability, one of which was the supply-chain portal.

Enabling a more stable flow of supply and demand

One of the main insights from the businesses buying EACs was that they often have a relatively rigid yearly rhythm of demand for purchasing EACs. This yearly rhythm makes it difficult for players such as Ecohz to provide a steady flow of EACs at any given time. The digital portal makes the purchase process easier and quicker, with the possibility of subscribing to EACs. This solves two problems: 1) making the purchase process easier and less time-consuming and 2) Providing Ecohz with a more stable flow of demand.

The journey continues

With the move towards digitalising its offerings, Ecohz is taking the next step towards scaling its services to benefit producers, businesses, and the planet. This implies becoming more of a technology company, requiring new skills and ways of working in the organisation. Ecohz continues forward on this journey while launching new services for customers along the way. EGGS cheers for Ecohz from the sideline!

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