World’s first onboard wireless solution for maritime industry

Sensor technology for for steel environments

Our client, ScanReach, develops a unique, new technology – a wireless connection that reaches through steel. The invention safely helps track crew members on board ships in the case of an emergency.

This article is based on the information published in the article En brann satte gründerne på sporet av teknologi som skal redde liv i nød, in the Norwegian engineering magazine Teknisk Ukeblad, on June 23, 2020.

IoT for the win

ScanReach, who has researched the subject for the past six years, released the product last year. It consists of an IoT (Internet of Things) system of senders, nodes, and a network. The senders are bracelets, which the crew members wear on the ship. Despite them practically working in so-called Faraday cages (enclosures that block electromagnetic fields) while under the deck of a steel ship, the wireless signals can reach them.

Ten different shipping companies have already implemented the ScanReach system.

The captain or officers on the bridge can monitor the location of crew members, to a one-meter precision, ensuring safety. This can be lifesaving, for example in a case of emergency.

Potential to save lives

In an emergency, it is vital to be able to locate all the crew members on the ship. With the help of this new technology, it’s possible to track people through the bracelet connected to the wireless system. This can potentially help save lives in case of an accident. Moreover, the innovative technology can help propel digitalization in the marine industry.

I these times of Corona, others limit research and innovation activities. Here, Norway has an opportunity to stay at the forefront.
Jacob Grieg Eide, Business Development Manager, ScanReach

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