We asked a few questions. Here are their answers.

Testimonials from some of the people in EGGS

We asked our colleagues a whole bunch of questions about working in EGGS, about the work culture, and about moving to Scandinavia. And we asked them some fun and unexpected questions as well. Here are their answers.

If EGGS was an animal, what animal and why?
Why did you choose to work in EGGS?
How has it been to move to Scandinavia to work in EGGS?
Is it mandatory to wear sneakers at EGGS?
If EGGS was an animal, what animal and why?
What are your best tips for someone who wants to work in EGGS?
Who is EGGS as a workplace a good match for?
Describe the EGGS culture in one word.
What is your emotional relationship to post-its?
What does a Lovable Future mean to you?
What did you tell your parents/partner when you got your job at EGGS?

Sounds interesting?

Eline Strøm-Gundersen

Let's talk to Director of Marketing & Communication
Eline Strøm-Gundersen
+47 971 05 580

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