Value creation enabled by health data

And ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements

Technology and data-driven innovation are crucial components for improving patient outcomes and streamlining processes in healthcare. However, their success depends on our ability to put the users and their needs in the centre – not the technology itself.

Why is health data so relevant?

There is much talk about health data and the value it can create for the health sector and society, and good reason. Health data provide valuable information to improve health outcomes, prevent diseases, and inform public health policy. It can identify disease risk factors, track outbreaks, and monitor treatment effectiveness. It also helps understand health disparities and personalise medical treatment plans. Relevant data can also lead to medical discoveries and new treatments, revolutionising healthcare for populations worldwide.

But - don’t start with data; begin with the desired value

Data, just like technology, is an enabler for value creation and not as a purpose in itself. Hence, we must know the value we want to create before focusing on the data. First, when we achieve the desired value, the data is valuable. In other words - don’t start with the data; begin with the desired value creation.

Regulatory compliance is crucial – but not a driver for innovation

When working with data in heavily regulated industries such as the healthcare industry, it is vital to ensure that the developed solutions comply with current regulatory requirements.

In EGGS, we experience that innovation processes need to be open and explorative and not locked in a rigid structure. So how do you ensure processes and documentation comply with current regulatory requirements?

We use our value-driven process and methodology as the cornerstone of the innovation process, supported by the necessary documentation rather than vice versa. We collaborate with international experts on regulatory processes to focus on what we do best - creating solutions resulting from a value-driven process - all while ensuring the necessary documentation.

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