The sustainable port of the future

A webinar with Port Esbjerg, Honeywell and EGGS Design

The ports sector is experiencing rapid changes and is working quickly to achieve a green shift and to reach ambitious decarbonization goals. In a webinar together with Port Esbjerg and Honeywell, we discussed what the sustainable port of the future will look like and what challenges the industry is facing to become sustainable.

The webinar was held on September 14th and counted with the participation of Dennis Jul Pedersen (Port Esbjerg), Lana Sukhodolska (Honeywell), and Ulla Sommerfelt (EGGS Design). Together they discussed how partnerships, technology, and process design innovation in the maritime port sector will play important roles in enabling the industry's decarbonization and electrification to deliver the green port of the future. Watch the full webinar and discussion here:

The Sustainable Port of the Future - Webinar

The vision of a sustainable Esbjerg Port

Maritime port industry leader Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of the Port of Esbjerg, shared his vision of the future's sustainable port and the challenges that the port will need to address to deliver it. He discussed the key challenges, initiatives, and priorities to succeed with their vision.

The Honeywell partnership with Esbjerg Port to drive innovation and decarbonization

Lana Sukhodolska, from Honeywell, shared her view on how technology helps decarbonizing maritime ports, starting with carbon and energy management.

A people-centered approach to the decarbonization journey

Ulla Sommerfelt, CEO of EGGS, discussed how sustainability calls for collaboration, and how a successful innovation process cannot only focus on technology. It also requires involving and designing for people.

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