The future of health tech: User-centered and tech-enabled

Oslo Innovation Week 2019 at EGGS Oslo

See the presentations! It was fab offering the event for leaders within the health industries focusing on the future of health tech. The guests' interest lies in health tech innovation and how being user-centric and tech-enabled can contribute to more sustainable health services.

Technology alone will not ensure that new health tech will succeed sustainably. Endorsing the user perspective and safeguarding a careful consideration of the ethical impacts of new solutions are critical for successful sustainable health tech.

See the presentations

Health Outlook by Sharmini Alagaratnam, Principal researcher, Precision Medicine DNV GL

How can technology address the challenges that healthcare today is facing? And what are the impacts and consequences of implementing these solutions? Sharmini Alagaratnam in DNV GL answers these questions by looking at commonalities in healthcare globally, and the ethical and governance need to be met for sustainable and equitable healthcare in the future.

From volume-based to value-based health care, Umair Aslam, e-Health Lead, MSD

Imagine a healthcare system where the healthcare providers, including hospitals and physicians, are paid based on the patient health outcomes and not on the number of healthcare services they deliver. Value-based healthcare is seen as a way to address the rising healthcare costs, while at the same time achieve the ultimate goal of «Patient-Centered Care» and higher quality. These are just some of the questions that Umair addressed in this talk about how the shift from a «Volume-Based» to a «Value-Based» model could change the healthcare sector forever.

Shaun van Oorde-Grainger, Interaction Designer, Philips Experience Design

Learn how Philips uses forecasting and storytelling to not only engage and inspire but also generate feedback and validate potential future innovations. Shaun shared how Philips Design, led an initiative to visualise a north star for radiology through an animated movie and a VR experience. The team worked across multiple Philips business groups and co-created with medical specialists.

Prototype-driven, user-centred design methodology for future health, Alex Vanvik, EGGS Design

As designers, we know that creativity and good ideas are great, but they are also increasingly easy to come by. The core of our work is still craftsmanship and implementation, and the mastery of technology to solve real, human problems. Alexander Vanvik shared how to work on practical solutions for real health clients, and how to use a prototype-driven, user-centred methodology to innovate and implement.

Lean development in human-centred health innovation, Lucas Couto, EGGS Design

How can you ensure a lean development approach based on fundamental human-centred design methods? And that should help you overcome constraints and barriers for innovation within the medical field? Lucas shares tips and tricks, using examples from the ongoing innovation project with the health tech company Kvikna.

The future of healthcare is inclusive!, Valeria Gaitan, EGGS Design

The future of healthcare is inclusive, states Valeria in EGGS Design. Valeria shares how designing services in the healthcare sector goes beyond local solutions or services for good health and well-being. Designing in the healthcare sector is also about bringing sustainability, equality, and accessibility as core values of any design solution.
The guests were seated in groups at tables. Between each talk, they were given workshop activities to solve together.
The event was a combination of presentations and workshop activities.
Guests not only got to know their tables mates professionally but also got an impression of what it’s like to work with design methods; exchanging ideas and co-creating together.
The exclusive event had 80 participants.

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