The Age of Holisticism

We believe that holistic design is the most effective approach for meaningful and valuable change. Here at EGGS Design we call this approach Holisticism. Holisticism deals with the complex big picture and acknowledges all levels of design influence. On November 6, 2015 at Semana D’15, Brazil’s largest design conference, Paal Holter and Ulla Sommerfelt presented why holistic design is the most effective approach for meaningful and valuable change.

Design dimensions for impact

For us, Holisticism can be explained using three non-academic dimensions of impact:

Wow!: The power to form and craft delightful products and experiences.

Aha!: The power to facilitate insight-driven problem-solving, including both people, business and technology aspects.

OMG!: The power to facilitate complex and strategic transformations, using processes related to for example service design, innovation, systemic design and design strategy.

Designers navigate through complexity

We see the design debate is maturing. Our methods for problem solving and navigation through complexity is finally recognised. The term design-thinking has become common, also among non-designers. Design-thinking is an approach that uses insight-based and goal oriented methods into project. In a world of increased complexity and rapid change, these qualities become essential.

Designers are change agents

Problem solving will remain a theory until we use our power to form and craft these ideas into concrete solutions – test them, implement them and adapt our organizations to them. That is why modern designers are the perfect change agents.

Semana D'15 in Curitiba, Brazil

We presented about the Age of Holisticism on November 6, 2015 at the Semana D’15. Semana D/Design Week is Brasil’s largest design conference attracting over 30,000 people to events around Curitiba. EGGS Design was invited to present at one of the design week’s main stages, at the modern Museu Oscar Niemeyer.

Stay tuned. And be holistic.

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