Success by Design: How to innovate with impact

Key takeaways from Xebia’s ‘Club Cloud’ Conference

In his keynote speech, EGGS’ William Chaumeton shared learnings from one of our digital transformation projects, K-Sim Connect. The project is a great example of how close collaboration with business, technical and product specialists, helps us create services and products that meet real user needs and have a measurable impact. This article is a summary of the key takeaways from his presentation.

The key to successful digital transformation is to focus on creating an impactful user experience. This is one of the many ways in which design can help ensure successful innovation and why it should be considered an essential component for modern product development. The impact of design for users, businesses and the world is becoming increasingly clear. But what does it look in practice and how can you use it on your own journey through innovation? Below, I outline my most important tips.

1. Design is not just how things look, it’s how they work

A common misconception is that design is purely visual craft. While the products we create must be desirable, this aspect of design is but one of many. Design is as much about understanding the problems we are trying to solve, and who we are solving them for, as it is about the solutions we are working to create. It can be used in much broader contexts than simply brushing up an interface.

2. Collaboration is essential for success in large scale innovation

You cannot innovate in a vacuum. Impactful innovation only occurs when you have one common vision and the necessary collaborators to realise it. Embrace the opinions of others and establish reliable ways to collaborate as a team.

3. Integrate design early for maximum impact

A significant part of the design process revolves around creative problem solving. By involving design at the very start of the product creation process, you can ensure that you are solving the correct problems for both your users and your business. Integrating design at the beginning allows you to be design-driven, looking at the process from a holistic perspective and ensuring a common goal and realistic process.

4. Communication and trust are key

Innovation is not a fast process, but it can be efficient. Both trust and communication are essential to creating a fast way to collaborate and iterate around the challenge you face. Spend time getting to know your team, establish roles and communication channels to ensure maximum efficiency and lay the foundations for a collaboration built on trust.

5. Test early and often

Innovative, technical systems and products are very complex to envision, design and implement. Besides collaborating closely with technical experts, make sure to test early and often to identify problems and test solutions. The result will be a more comprehensive product or service that mitigates risk and is built on a solid foundation.

6. Have fun!

When working in heavy complex innovation processes, the cognitive overload can be wearing. Charting new waters is never easy and it can often become stressful and demotivating for people. Make sure your team buy into your vision by creating a fun place to work, allowing room for unique ideas and approaching the challenges with a sense of humor.

7. Build a story worth telling

It’s all well and good to create a fantastic product or service, but if no one hears about it or believes in it, you will be dead in the water. Use design to conceptualise, visualise and bring the story to life. This will increase both internal and external buy-in and help keep the process of innovation moving. You’d be amazed by the power a simple render or concept sketch can inspire in people.

I believe that industry dialogues like the Club Cloud Conference are essential forums for discussing ways to approach innovation and create meaningful impact through digital transformation. Would you like to know more about how we work with design driven innovation in the maritime industries in EGGS? Drop me an email or give me a call! I’d be happy to start a conversation.

You can watch the full the full keynote and panel discussion here.

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