Spike by Exero gets an honourable mention by DOGA

The Innovation Award 2020 from Design and Architecture Noway (DOGA)

Oslo, January 2021, - We are excited to share that Spike by Exero Technologies received an honourable mention at the award ceremony for The Innovation Award by DOGA. Spike had previously won the prestigious DOGA Award in 2018.

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Eliminating stigma

Spike from Exero Technologies is a new sports gear launched and made available to the Norwegian market through NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral (Norwegian public service for the distribution of aids) in 2019. The solution is tailored for disabled people to make it easier to be physically active in everyday life.

Spike by Exero Technologies.

Blurring the lines

Spike is designed in an eye-catching, athletic and functional design of high-performance sports gear, making it a head-turner on the streets or tracks. Spike continues to blur the lines between what is considered a mobility aid and what we perceive to be high-performance sports gear.

We’re ensuring a top-notch customer journey so that Spike can measure up to the same standards as what a functionally abled person would expect.
Bendik Fon, CEO, Exero Technologies.

Going international

Exero is currently raising fresh money with the goal of further international expansion. They have reached their economic targets in their domestic market (Norway). Despite the pandemic, the company had almost doubled its turnover in 2020. During the autumn of 2020, they launched their online store, securing their first international sales, they landed ambassadorial agreements in the United States, and are in dialogue with several potential distributors globally.

The design team

Back row: Henning R. Nielsen (EGGS), Martin Skogholt (EGGS), Bendfik Fon (Exero), Mathias Thorkildsen Berg (Exero), Andre Johnsen (Exero), Mathias Paasche Hansson (Hansson Design). Middle: Nicoline Bergh (Exero). Front: Carl André Nørstebø (EGGS), Lasse Roxrud (EGGS).

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