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DOGA Design Award 2017

Together with the New York-based logistics company Loadsmart, EGGS has been honoured with the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture for the interaction design for Loadsmart’s automated freight brokerage. The award underscores how meaningful design facilitates the adoption of technology in traditional industries.

Automation of freight brokerage

Loadsmart is a technology company that specializes in full truckload shipping. Its online platform helps shippers move freight fast and carriers keep trucks full. Headquartered in New York, Loadsmart is leveraging automation into the complex freight brokerage cycle bringing technology to every single aspect of the business; from the sales process, instant quoting and booking, to intelligent sourcing of carries.

The DOGA-jury’s verdict

(Jury's verdict can be read in Norwegian on

"New York-based Loadsmart had a good idea: they wanted to connect suppliers and freight drivers without having to go through an intermediary or central agency – a kind of Uber for the truck industry. EGGS carried out everything from service design and UX to visual profiling and brand-building communication, helping Loadsmart to achieve Most Innovative Tech Company in the 2017 Stevie Awards.

This solution has many positive aspects, not least in terms of the environment. By optimising truck logistics, it becomes possible to distribute freight more efficiently, while at the same time minimising the problem of empty trucks that pollute unnecessarily. This is a good example of how good interaction design can renew and streamline previously inefficient processes and act as a positive force for change. The interface is simple and intuitive, thorough, and solid and can also point to very good results in terms of both economy and efficiency."

Since day one design and technology teams have been working side-by-side on product development. Introducing cutting-edge technology in a traditional industry is only possible by leveraging design as a behavioural change catalyst. Optimizing for design enables for better product adoption, more efficient workflows and creates user loyalty.
Felipe Capella, Chief Product Officer, Loadsmart
The Loadsmart team, here represented by Felipe Capella, CPO, (middle) and Victor Stelmasuk (second from right) on stage in Oslo, won the award for having considered design as one of the main pillars since product inception and leveraging it to innovate and spearhead a logistics revolution.
Loadsmart represents modern and young entrepreneurship, where the great unity of design and technology is the platform for success. The way the team has embraced the user experience and branding from day one is inspired from other digital service phenomena such as Airbnb.
Paal Holter, Creative Director for Digital Design, EGGS

About DOGA Award for Design and Architecture

The award is a distinction awarded by DOGA to Norwegian businesses and designers who demonstrate the outstanding use of design and architecture. The award is leading to its kind in Norway. The award showcases and spotlights exemplary projects of innovative and user-centred solutions. The jury focuses primarily on the process and collaboration between the commissioning party and design practitioner.

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