Sector Alarm with international prize

Red Dot Award 2019: Product Design

Together with Sector Alarm, EGGS has been honoured with the Red Dot Award for the design of a new generation of home security products.

A cohesive product identity that builds trust and value

Sector Alarm is one of Europe’s top providers of home security. They wanted to improve and renew the functionality of their five key alarm products. Safety is the most important when it comes to home security.

EGGS helped create a product family that looks great, is more comfortable and more intuitive to use and highlight the importance of the costumers feeling of well-being and security.

EGGS designed the new components. The five products are a control panel, an IR-sensor, a door sensor, remote control and a key tag. The control products use light, sound and shapes to communicate to the user. The products are as clean as possible to blend with the interior.

Best design of the year

The Red Dot Award: Product Design appraises the best products created in the world every year.

The former product range consisted of off-the-shelf devices that were not unique to Sector Alarm. We saw the potential to increase the brand presence and user experience by developing new products. To achieve this, we did deep user insight and brand analysis. The result is a product with soft shapes and clearly defined details, mirroring Sector’s approach to safety: personal, yet precise and reliable, shares Martin Skogholt.

We are proud to receive the Red Dot Award for our work with Sector Alarm, says Martin Skogholdt, Senior Designer at EGGS (right), with Lead Mechanical Engineer in EGGS, Erlend Østbø..

About Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Jury comprises some 40 international experts that test, discuss and evaluate each entry individually to find the best-designed products in the world every year.

According to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, the jury evaluates the entries and only awards a Red Dot to products that win them over with their high design quality.
Red Dot jury

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